Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – how it all started

Name: D'Ante Allison

how it all started

D’Ante Allison

When I was
younger there where a lot of thing that I wanted to become when I
grew, at one point I wanted to go to the navy and then I wanted to go
to the NFL, I just didn’t know what I wanted, I was just saying
those things because that’s what my family wanted me to do, So back
in middle school there was this motivator speaker that came out to
talk to us, so he started talking and there was this specific
question that he asked us and it was about what we wanted to do when
we graduate high school, he pick on some people and asked them what
do you want to do after High school and I will never forget this
question, some people had already had it in their head what they
wanted to do but I had a friend that he pick and he said what do you
what to do young man when you graduate High school and my friend said
I want to become a Doctor and the speaker said why do you want to
become a doctor, My friend sat there and said I guess because my
parents want me to, the speaker told everybody in the room don’t do
something that you don’t really want to do something you like, So
he pointed at me and asked me what I like and I said clothes and art,
I told him I always liked to draw men clothes when I was younger, he
told me that I should really considered studying fashion design and
I thought to myself and said yea I could I like to draw men cloths
and it is different, but that not what my family want but my mom said
the same thing do something you want to do.

My freshman year at Tatum High school started, Tatum did not have
fashion design or no CTE classes, I have been at Tatum school since
4th grade, I just played football and basketball through
middle school and my Freshman year, after my Freshman year my mom
told me that we was moving to a town called Hallsville, I was not
happy about it but I had to. It was about that time to do my schedule
at my new school and after my counselor got all my other class that I
needed to take she asked me what electives do I want to take, I asked
her what all electives do yawl have she said a lot, Tatum did not
have a lot of electives and I was very happy that Hallsville did, so
she was going down the list of electives and one of them was Fashion
design, I told her yes I could give it a try, she told me that was a
great choice to pick, and ever since I have taking this class all the
way to my senior year and I love it because not only did it make me
happy to design my own clothing brand but it expire me to take my
talents that I have learned to a great college.

My senior year I
started looking at colleges that had fashion design, there were not a
lot of college that had Fashion design close where I lived, but I
wanted to go to a college that I know that I was going to be happy. I
search every day online for colleges and there were a lot more
colleges a long way from where I lived but that was okay, I looked
and looked and I finally seen a college that I was interested in and
that college was University Of The Incarnate Word, so I did some
research on UIW and every time I search something about UIW there was
great news about it. A week after that I had this meeting with this
counselor and she said that she had a lot of students from different
schools that wanted to go there, she told me that she heard that it
was a great school to, I didn’t get to do a tour on campus but I
did the video tour, by even doing a video tour I fell in love with
this school, I Know for a fact that UIW will help me achieve my dream
in becoming a street wear fashion designer and be successful.