Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Grandma’s Secret

Name: Kristen Lloyd

Grandma’s Secret

the last twenty years, I almost lost my grandma multiple times. Two
years ago, I actually did. Though she did not die because of her
addiction, it made her body weaker and more susceptible to blood
clots. She was addicted to prescription medications. No matter the
time of day, she was always taking something – for her pain, she
said. Over twenty years ago, it was because of the pain. Since then,
it has been because her body needed it to function. It was slowly
killing her. But we couldn’t do any more to help her.

I know is personally connected to someone with an addiction. There
are levels of addiction but each is something to take very seriously.
We are dealing with this crisis in America because of the lack of
support for those suffering. We do not have healthcare for all,
leading people to medicate themselves – and become addicted. When
they are addicted and sick, they do not get the support needed to
overcome that problem. Rehabilitation centers are often private and
expensive, at least ones that provide enough tools to help a person

of one person’s addiction, consequences can be felt by dozens of
others, those closest to the person. Addiction often goes hand in
hand with illegal activities. When that is seen on records, people
cannot get jobs or houses or countless other things. In my
experience, they will do anything necessary to get their fix,
including stealing from those they care about, hiding, and lying.
This breaks up relationships and the person often feels more alone,
so they need more substance to cope.

remedy to an addiction crisis all around America will be a long and
hard journey. Access to help and resources is the beginning.
Healthcare – including mental health – will help those addicts back
into the real world, away from their substance of choice. They will
be given coping techniques that help when the going gets rough. The
greatest part about healing as a nation is to remove the stigma that
comes along with addiction. These people are sick and they need help.
They are not low-life’s who have nothing better to do than use
their substance. They are real people who deserve respect and the
help they need to get better.

up, the greatest thing I had to come to terms with is when I was told
my grandma overdosed on pain pills. It hurt and cause a tear in
everyone’s relationship in my family. But we were able to band
together and get her the help she needed. Others don’t have that
luxury. There needs to be help available for all. Not only help but
love and support for all. This is how we can make the crisis
disappear, eventually.