Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Gambling Problems


Gambling Problems

I believe as a nation we are dealing with a addiction crisis. A lot of people have addictions like Gambling and that is a huge addiction which me as a person has a Gambling addiction. There are a lot of consequences of the addiction for the individual and society. One thing for me is spending all of your money you have and it leaves you broke and you don’t have even enough money to pay for college. Here are more problems it can cause:

Feeling bad of yourself

Low Self Esteem


Sell Items to get money at a Pawn Shop

Getting Credit Cards to get money (Cash Advance)

Anxious when not gambling

Money Issues

These consequences that I just listed I have experienced some or most of all of these and others who have a gambling problem have experienced these as well. These are some of the severe issues with gambling. We can remedy this crisis on both the individual and a society level by doing these things to help as follows:

Admit that you have a gambling problem

Go to Gamblers Anonymous

Go talk to a counselor

Support Groups


People that have a gambling addiction should do these to help. I have gone to gamblers anonymous and also have got to support groups as well and talk to a counselor. This is another reason that I am applying for the scholarship because of my hardship I am in right now and I need help with paying for school so I won’t have student loans and be in debt. Gambling is a big problem and if you don’t have much money don’t gamble like me. Take my advice gambling is a bad addiction and can get you into trouble and there are lots of consequences involved. This is why I am entering this essay and share my personal story to others that have a gambling problem.