Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – DRUG ABUSE AS A FORM OF ESCAPE

Name: Anastasiia Diedkova



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the present Essay, I am going to introduce myself to you by providing an insight into who I am as a candidate for the scholarship and answer the subject questions by giving you an insight into a problem based on my personal experience within judicial system .

I’m a German law school graduate from Bayreuth and in less than two months I start an Advanced Juris Doctorate Program at Loyola University New Orleans School of Law. About three years ago I went to Charleston, SC to do my first legal internship abroad. I was an intern in the Federal Court for the District of South Carolina in Charleston. For the most part of my internship I was obligated to go in court hearing that took place at least 3 times a day 5 days a week. About 70 % of the cases that I heard covered Criminal Law and around 80% of them involved drug abuse in various forms. When I took a closer look at the cases, background of the convicts, their motives, I discovered that they had one aspect in common. Each of them had either a hard childhood, traumatic experiences in childhood such as sexual abuse or bullying. In most of cases it resulted in drug abuse from teenage years.

Therefore, I believe that a traumatic childhood and abusive relationships are most common triggers of the drug abuse. Now, there might be exceptions such as bad friends, wrong priorities, absence of common sense, but from what I learned in the court that is a less common reason. Why America is dealing with the addiction crisis? Probably because of the lack of counseling or other ways to detect and solve the problem. I think if children, young adults had somebody they could go to and talk about their issues, they wouldn’t be looking for a side “treatment”. Sometimes a help can be offered by listening or involving a DSS.

When talking about consequences of the drug addiction for the society, well, I just gave an example above. I think it’s destructive, but preventable.

Moving to my next and final point about possible remedies on both individual and societal levels, I can only wish that I had a perfect formula to solve the problem. However, from what I’ve seen and learned, I can say that a therapy, counseling, any sort of psychological support could save lives and society. I believe that going through the problem and searching ways to solve it will prevent a person from finding temporary ways to escape it.

I strongly hold on to my thesis, because I noticed the same pattern with drug abusers in Germany. I did an internship at State Attorney’s office in Hof, Germany in 2016 where we closely worked with the police. The area borders with Check Republic an is considered a hot spot of the drug-involving crimes in Germany. Most popular drugs were marijuana, crystal meth, and LSD. People involved with drugs i. e. drug abuse demonstrated the same issues as those in the United States. They all had in common some sort of past childhood trauma, abuse that resulted in disorders that led to drug abuse to fill the void, escape the problem or reality.

I appreciate your time and hope that my piece was helpful.

Bayreuth, Germany June, 28th 2020