Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Driving with Addictions


Driving with Addictions

Prompt: Why do you believe we as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis?

What are the consequences of this addiction for the individual and society? How can we remedy the crisis on both the individual and societal level?

Driving with Addictions

My name is Naren Narasimhan and next year I will be attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) with a major in Marketing and part of the Business Honors Academy. My whole life I’ve been a huge advocate against driving with distractions. These distractions can be very addictive and they can be life-changing injuries. The main ones associated with driving are drinking or texting. I don’t have any family who has problems with this situation but I have many friends that have been impacted personally by driving with distraction incidents.


The United States has been dealing with Drinking and Driving problems forever. It has always been a problem and has slowly been declining. However, many lives are still lost because of drinking and driving accidents. We struggle with stopping this because drinking itself is an addiction. People get intoxicated a lot and it will be hard to stop this issue but we can stop people driving while intoxicated. These people think they are capable of driving home, but they are absolutely not capable of driving. For Driving and Texting, it is a similar issue. People think they are good enough drivers to text and drive. They don’t realize they could put others in harm by sending that quick text.


To start I will mention how Drinking and Driving have impacted me and how I’ve made a change towards Drinking and Driving. In my Advanced marketing class, a group of students in my class including me started a club called SADD, Students Against Drunk Driving. This was a big issue and we decided to make a club to raise more awareness. Through the awareness campaign, Students Against Drunk Driving, the Millard North community was able to learn the impacts and effects that drinking and driving can have. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that high school students drive intoxicated about 2.4 million times each month, and underage drivers are 17% more likely to get in an accident. One of my friends, Garret, has a dad who is an alcoholic addict and has been in multiple drinking and driving accidents, 4 in total. He even hit a close family friend to me and Garret and this was terrible. Garret’s dad had ruined his relationship with his former wife and Garret because of these incidents. He is still an addicted alcoholic and isolated from his family. Another member, Allie, had a friend who died from a drinking and driving accident. It just takes one bad decision and life can be over. He thought he was capable of driving while drunk but that choice cost his life. This addiction of people thinking they can do this is not only killing the person who is intoxicated but innocent people too. Also, this year 4 girls around where I live died because the driver was drunk. They made a terrible decision and it crushed their families. You can see how Drinking and Driving impact not only just a couple of people but your whole community. That is why we have to rise as a community and stop these issues. SADD was a great initiation of this issue but we need to expand this on a global range. I personally have not been around issues with Driving and Texting but I’ve heard terrible incidents about them. I think the biggest problem that everyone misses is that you could hurt someone else. Innocent people are getting hurt because someone else is driving distracted. There are simple solutions to stop this but people still won’t stop. For this reason, this is why we have to raise awareness about this and implement change. If we show people the impact of what driving with distractions does, we won’t have innocent people die. I feel I’m worthy of this scholarship because I have implemented change already and plan to continue this change.

I believe I’m worthy of this scholarship because I’m very knowledgeable about this topic and took it in 3 steps. I found the problem and fully understood what was happening. Next, I actually imposed change so the consequences wouldn’t be as bad. I gave multiple solutions on what to do. Lastly, I gave a solution to how we can expand this solution to make it a global issue. This 3 step process is the plan to stop Driving with Distractions around the whole world. Instead of addressing the primary effect on how to reduce addiction, we start with a simpler step. First, let us raise awareness to make sure people don’t make a terrible decision. After that, we can personally help people with specific addictions.