Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Don’t Overuse or You’ll Lose


Don’t Overuse or You’ll Lose

We were all born by the grace of God, created by God, and had possession of numerous abilities that made us different and special. All of us or made different but from the same creator, and we all were gifted great minds. We weren’t born to use drugs, we weren’t destined for drug use, and our purpose were to be little and fits and inspired by the right influences. From the craziest stories, of an intelligent young individual who is going everywhere in the right path, took one left turn to becoming a victim of the addiction crisis. What am I talking about? I’m talking about drugs! Whether it’s illegal drugs, or even the prescriptive drugs that you get from your doctor.

Today in this world, our nation is suffering from an addiction crisis, but why? You may come home from school and see your parent, but little do you know they are overusing on their meds, using more than what’s needed. The same people that tell you to say no to drugs, are the same people who are victims of opioid overdose. People in this nation become victims of addiction whether it’s opioid, heroin, or some other painkiller, but it’s crazy how it was introduced to them through their own doctor. An issue like this sparked up back in the 1990s, when pharmaceutical companies assured that their patients will not get addicted to prescribe up your painkillers, and now this gives the right for the medical community to use it on the whole world. From there on out, opioids are being prescribed by professional doctors who we patients trust with our lives, but instead we are ruining our lives. Opioid painkillers are prescribed to resolve that pain that you’re going through, but addictions are born because we can’t control the man of use, patients around the medical community or instead becoming victims of opioid overdose, in the statistics explains it all. Back in 2018, 46,802 people were victims of the opioid painkiller overdose.

As the addiction crisis grows among the medical community, other drugs are included with opioids. It’s been confirmed that drugs like prescription opioids, heroin, and illicitly manufactured fentanyl, (a powerful synthetic opioid) are the tools that is building up this addiction crisis. Over 1 million individuals suffer from disorders of the following drugs that were listed, in Health and Human Services are trying to guide the attics to a better direction, but the question is will they also cooperate? Services like the HHS and NIH are trying to overdose-reverse such a problem that we as a nation are facing. Unfortunately, this nation is ahead to face a lot of consequences, we’re talking about many opioid overdoses, a big loss of capital for the medical institutions, and this is all going to come back upon our doctors and medical instructors. The fact that the continuation of prescribing patients, infected influenced their overuse.

Moving forward, we as a society can influence one another, unite together, and learn from the mistakes of this nation. It won’t be easy at all, becoming addicted is not like turning on and off a light switch, your attached, and strapped to a highly addicted drug. We as a nation must build a consistent process of defeating the addiction crisis, even if it means going to rehab, because we as a society cannot afford to keep losing individuals to this crisis. It all comes down to unity, and medical institutions prescribing an appropriate amount of opioids that individuals can use to defeat the pain, and not exceed the pain by becoming an addict of this powerful drug.

This addiction crisis has caused us nearly 50,000 lives due to overdose of a drug that was per scripted by your own doctor. The problem was that medical institutions didn’t step up to call out an unrightful act, they gained their dollar first before gaining confirmation of their patient’s health. For that reason we lost a great amount of lives, this isn’t just opioids, it’s bigger than that, this comes down to diversity of drugs that end individual lives. We will never forget about the drugs including prescription opioids, heroin, and illicitly manufactured fentanyl, which is a powerful synthetic opioid. Together as a nation of society, we can defeat this crisis, we can move on and learn from the victims, instead of joining them, in honor we can prevent that victim number to rise.