Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Consequences of Addiction

Name: Mieko Richelle Schwartzmiller

Consequences of Addiction

up in the 21st century, most of us have been surrounded by the
worldwide epidemic of addiction. Addiction to many different
substances or items are problematic for this era. Many of the issues
society is plagued with such as addiction come from a chain of a
variety of complications that have occurred throughout an
individual’s life. Examples of that may include trauma, mental
health, poverty, lack of support and occasional exposure to dangerous
environments. Many other possible factors could lead an individual to
face extreme challenges in life, but I believe one of the top reasons
an individual can fall into this situation is related to mental
health. Consequences of addiction can trigger more than mental health
issues, it can lead to severe physical health problems such as
diseases and illnesses. These results can change a person’s life
significantly and impact those surrounded by them.

of the largest issues with addiction is not only the impact on that
person but also the impact it has on that individual’s family and
their friends. A lot of concern, stress, anxiety, and issues arise
through families and involving someone with an addiction or know of
people who struggle with addiction. The individuals that face
controversy with loved ones that have been swallowed up by addiction
face emotional distress as well as challenges such as disappointment,
embarrassment, feeling of failure or feel responsible for one’s
addiction. Those who face their challenges of addiction tend to
believe that there is no issue with their decisions and beliefs so
they push away those who try to intervene even though they are only
trying to help. Pushing away from the individuals that care and are
trying to help causes relationships to deteriorate and possibly
irreparable. If that occurs when those individuals need help, they
have no one to rely on or come back to. They are alone.

consequence of addiction is the massive amount of health issues that
can occur. Through addiction, mental health issues can be triggered
or escalated. Along with that many other health issues can be a
result of addiction such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes,
internal decay of organs and so much more. The number of potential
illnesses due to addiction can be endless and most of the time deadly
if not taken care of immediately. As a result, the function of an
individual slowly decreases until they are extremely ill and
practically lifeless. Sadly, many of those that are faced with
addiction don’t seek the help they need and are in a downward
spiral, living an unhealthy life and possibly a shortened life.

can also cause individuals to face controversy in their lives as well
as a wide variety of extreme challenges such as homelessness,
unemployment, distance from loved ones and so much more. There is
also the possibility of getting in trouble with the law depending on
how extreme the addiction is. When an individual is homeless or has
been charged with a crime, it is more challenging for an individual
to get work or trust to work within a professional setting. In our
current society that takes away numerous opportunities. So, with no
job, no money, no home, and just their addiction life can be
extremely difficult.

consequences of addiction are negative. Many issues arise through
addiction such as losing loved ones and being alone, an increase in
diseases, health issues, and a shortened life and lastly many
possible life challenges such as homelessness and unemployment.
Addiction brings no good to any one’s life and only increases the
amount of mental strain as well as issues that have to be dealt with
by family, friends and the individual who faces addiction. There is
no cure or solution to prevent addiction, so the epidemic continues
to plague our society.