Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Consequences of Addiction

Name: Sophie Bertain

Consequences of Addiction



2020 Addiction
Awareness Scholarship Campaign: Consequences of Addiction

are numerous consequences of addiction on the person; poor health,
ruining relationships, causing unemployment, financial trouble, lack
of motivation or desire for things in life, and even death. Not only
are there consequences for the individual partaker of these
substances but also for many people around them. There are an endless
of array of negative outcomes that stem from addiction and how it
affects an entire group of people from one’s poor decisions.
Different drugs and other substances cause a variety of health
concerns such as lung issues, HIV/AIDS, nasal damage, cancers,
alcohol poisoning, more chance of injury while under the influence,
and overdosing. It also has a huge affect on the mental health of the
individual which can lead to worsening of symptoms of a psychological
or mood disorder, causing depression paranoia and anxiety. Addiction
can become something so overwhelming to a person that it can ruin
every other part of their life, causing strains on work and
relationships that wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the
sickness. Even after someone becomes sober people might think that
they’ll be back to their old selves, but unfortunately one of the
consequences is the mental health issues that can come from
addiction. They might be depressed, more irritable, and unable to
find happiness in things that they used to be able to. It causes
consequences that are different to everyone depending on the
situation, but there are never positive experiences or opportunities
that stem from it. It is a sickness that has hugely taken over in our
society and impacts many people’s lives. People who have addictions
affect society in general through their personal relationship to
them, homelessness populations growing, crime involving illegal
substances, rising incarceration rates, and injuries to people from
those addictions. Addictions greatly affect the individual facing the
illness, but also those around them. It has a huge ripple affect on
the areas of their life which leads to disruption to society.
Prevention of these issues are very important and our society should
take more precautions to help eradicate this epidemic through better
education, stricter laws, and more resources to go to if facing these
issues. While it is something that is very prominent in our society,
hopefully it can decrease and become a safer world for those
individuals facing addiction themselves as well as bystanders.
Addiction is something that affects a person for life, so even if
they get sober it is still a battle they face everyday. It is
something that comes with many consequences for themselves as well as
others, and can create a lot of negative problems coming from it.
Consequences for this problem can be life altering and even life
ending, which is why the negative affects of addiction in on our
society are so devastating and prominent to everyone.