Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Change Needs to Happen

Name: Lilia Margaryan

Change Needs to Happen

Needs to Happen


believe that as a nation we are dealing with an addiction crisis for
several reasons. First off, painkillers are prescribed to patients
after surgery with very little caution, and very little awareness
about how addicting they are. Completely normal people, with no
issues in regards to addiction whatsoever, go in to get the simplest
surgery and end up with an addiction to opioids. Worse, children, who
have a whole life ahead of them, are now faced with something that is
stopping them from pursuing that. I believe that doctors need to be
more educated and careful with who they prescribe the medicine to and
how much of it they get because of the highly addictive nature of the
drugs. I think that if the prescription of the opioids gets some more
regulation, a lot of problems will be solved.

opioids, there are the new “trendy” drugs that some do not
understand are actual drugs. Those include vapes, juuls, puff
bars,suorins and other flavored forms of nicotine and marijuana. The
advertisement of those specifically targets teens, who fall into an
age group that follows the majority. Doing things because they are
popular or trendy is a very common characteristic amongst teenagers.
Because of this, they have been targeted by many vape and smoke
brands, and their lack of knowledge about the products has been used
against them and has been used as a source of profit for the
corporations. There are millions of teenagers across America
currently using those sources of drugs for recreational purposes, and
many have died from them.

need to take action against these companies and their advertisements
need to be stopped, and the purchase of such products has to be put
under extreme control. I believe that children from a young age
should be taught about drugs and the effects they have on our lives
and our bodies, including the new vapes. The system is very much
broken, and there is a lot of work that needs to be done, but I know
that this work will be worth it after all.