Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Change isn’t easy, but is necessary.


Change isn’t easy, but is necessary.

I believe we are dealing with an addiction crisis because many of the situations we hear about are only scrapping the brim of what is truly happening in this nation. You heard about the guy who overdosed in the news. But what you didn’t hear about was how he was trying to stop. He had a family who he loved, but was feeling discouraged. You didn’t hear about how he had ligature marks from ropes against his wrists. Not a word was mentioned about why he was found in the woods face down or the cops who told the family they know about the cartel and don’t doubt they did this but there was nothing they could do.

There are so many consequences I don’t know where to begin. The individual suffers consequences of rehab and what their body goes through to no longer “need” what they’re addicted to. Or worse, they die a slave to their addiction. Consequences as a society are no better. With dirty cops or police officers who look the other way, how could we ever expect to help this addiction crisis.

The only way to remedy and even begin to help this crisis as a society and a nation, is to enforce and provide support. If someone comes to a station with information on illegal drug sales, you could save lives just by shutting that cartel down. Yes, those situations are hard and not as easy as it looks, but the first step is change. Be the change and others will follow suit.