Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Calling an End to the Crisis

Name: Luke Grisafi

Calling an End to the Crisis


an End to the Crisis

there ever been a day in the last 100 years where no one has been
plagued because of a drug addiction? In my short life alone, I can
count at least 20 cases where friends, and even family members, have
fallen victim to the powerful addiction of drugs. Will this ever
stop? Will my children’s children be victims of someone’s
addiction? As long as there are weak borders, drugs will continue to
come into our country. We will never be able to solve this problem
unless we take it on headstrong and treat it as a serious issue. As a
nation, we need to figure out how to resolve this crisis before it
consumes any more lives.

maternal grandmother started off experimenting with drugs and
alcohol. It was casual, it was social; she claims she never intended
to become addicted. In mere years, she went from smoking marijuana
and drinking beer, to injecting heroin and downing vodka. After she
had my mother, she was a full-blown addict. The final straw was when
she fell down a flight of stairs with my mother, only five years old,
on her hip. A passerby picked up my mother and called the police. My
grandmother was so high on drugs, she had no idea what had happened.

the law became involved, it was only a matter of time until my
grandmother found herself with an ultimatum: get clean, get yourself
admitted into a rehabilitation center, and then you will get your
daughter back. That day never came. My mom’s mother could not
overcome her addiction; it was too powerful and to embedded in her
veins. In less than a year, my grandmother lost her rights as a
parent and my mother was taken in by another relative.

happens to people all the time in varying degrees. Addiction comes in
many forms, but treatment is often difficult and financially
burdensome. That is what happened to my grandmother. She could not
afford to stay in a treatment facility and get the help that she so
needed. My mother suffered as a child. Her parents suffered. No one
wins. So, what can be done?

government needs to streamline a program (or a series of programs)
that would allow addicts to get the proper care they need and without
destroying their finances. Perhaps these programs could be offered
through certain work training sites or, if the addict is willing, to
take certain mandatory classes to help them understand and solve
their addiction. Without proper care and guidance, loved ones, such
as my grandmother, will become another statistic.

the loss of the D.A.R.E. program, it seemed the information that was
once given to youngsters about the severities of drugs and alcohol
went along the wayside. The knowledge that kids needed to stay away
from such habit forming is not being instilled at a young age
anymore. Kids are experimenting with drugs too easily. With the
invention of the internet and social media, kids can easily find out
where to seek out drugs for their fix and experiment at the touch of
a button. Sadly, not enough parents have any restrictions on their
children’s phones, therefore, the evils of access to drugs and
alcohol has become all too easy to get.

are never easy. Many of those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol do not
believe they are in needing of help. Family members may have to
resort to threats or ultimatums; in the end, it is up to the person
to want to receive the proper help.