Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Bored? Find a Hobby

Name: Daniel I Martinez

Bored? Find a Hobby




Find a Hobby

my entire life I’ve been told drugs are bad and that I should stay
away from them. But growing up in a small where most of the
population is Hispanic in ethnicity. Factoring in that most of the
Hispanic people in town have an educational background of just some
middle school and maybe high school most of them tend to work in the
fields or in the factories around here towns. Because of this most of
their children tend to follow in their footsteps and many have found
the use of drugs to escape their reality.

the way people view drugs they sometimes think that they are cool or
interesting. An example of this is vaping, the way that people used
to portray vaping showed only the things that made it look cool. The
way younger children view drugs isn’t the same as what you get told
when your younger. They believe that the act of rebellion against
makes them look cooler to their peers. Another reason why many use
drugs is a way of escape. A youtuber that goes by the name Michael
Reeves used to live on an island in Hawaii said, “I lived in a
small town and there wasn’t much to do there besides drugs or learn
how to code.” The way people view drugs is either a way to increase
once reputation or a way of escape.

use of drugs depending on the type can have a variety of effects on
one’s body and how they are viewed throughout their society. When it
comes to marijuana people tend to view it as a non-lethal drug that
makes you look cooler to your friends. However, the way you are
viewed by the rest of society will be different from your friends and
it won’t just be others that view you negatively. Your family may
also view you negatively because you use drugs, but there are some
cases where marijuana is used medically so something like that may be
overlooked by people. Furthermore, the use of drugs can prohibit
basic processing functions in your body. Many of the more commonly
used drugs tend to change the way a person behaves after they take
it. Depending on the people that a person is around the way that they
are viewed can vary. If someone is affiliated with a gang or
something similar, they may view the use of drugs and a status
symbol. If a person is in a catholic family or something similar,
they may view the use of drugs as a sin.

society has begun to show that using drugs can negatively affect a
person in many ways. Famous people like Snoop Dog are already taking
step to keep kids from using drugs by keeping them active and
entertained with sports. Which again goes back to what Michael Reeves
said about being either to do drugs or learn how to code. If older
people began to take action like Snoop Dog and create ways to keep
people busy it will further decrease the chances that they use drugs
during that time. Another way to prevent people from is to target the
younger generation and help them develop hobbies that can prevent
them from using drugs. By doing this we can influence future
generations to develop hobbies to keep them off drugs and hopefully
start a cycle.