Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Alcohol Problems in College

Name: Amanda Socha

Alcohol Problems in College

Problems in College

you leave for college, the first thing you think about is being able
to be away from your parents and go to parties. Many of my friends
picked their college based on what school had the funnest party when
they visited. This is an addiction crisis our nation does not
realize. The dictionary defines addicted as, ‘
devoted to a particular thing or activity”.
are in the mindset that every weekend they must get drunk and go to a
party or they didn’t have a good or fun weekend. They are devoted
to drinking every weekend. They feel as though they have to. If they
do not go out and drink one weekend, they will feel as though they
wasted one of their college weekends or they didn’t get the full
college experience. I hear my friends saying that a weekend without
drinking is a weekend wasted. They are depending on alcohol to have a
good time. They cannot just hangout and sing with their friends in
order to have a fun time.

brings long term consequences to not only those individuals, but to
society as a whole. People go to college and think their main focus
is class and partying. People do not learn how to have fun without
drinking. People do not know how to talk to people normally and make
friends without being drunk. This is not teaching people good
communication skills. When all of these college students leave
college they are losing the lesson of earning to talk to people and
make their own fun. They will struggle when they move and need to
meet new people and do not know how to bond with someone without the
use of alcohol.

don’t think that bars should be open during the week. This way
students are more likely to not abuse alcohol during the week. This
will give them 5 days to hangout with people without the use of
alcohol. They will hopefully plan to hangout with other people and
have fun just talking to people. This will help students develop
valuable communication skills and help them in the future get a job
and make friends wherever they go.