Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction

Name: Won Sub Kim


Won Kim




We as a nation are dealing with an addiction of many things, like
smoking and drinking and other drugs, personally I myself never
suffered an addiction, however I do have family members who have been
smoking for many years, and a member that has a gambling addiction,
we as a country is suffering from many addictions because it started
with Great Britain started trading opium grown in India, and trading
with China, this is significant because opium is a drug that is
highly addictive, and Great Britain used it to make more money, fast
forward to today, Drugs make a huge impact on not only an individual,
but their families and friends, I have a family member who has a
marijuana addiction, and my relationship with them has changed, and
the main consequence of being addicted to drugs or alcohol is
impacting others around you. The best way to control this crisis in
our society to me is obviously manipulate the laws and only keep the
drugs in medicine if needed, however I think that our government
should illegalize hard alcohol or push the age limit for alcohol use.
I honestly believe that our nation needs a lot of improvements for
alcohol an drug abuse, and I believe that someday we will find a
solution for this crisis