Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction Today

Name: Amanda

Addiction Today

nation is dealing with an addiction crisis because there is a lack of
human connection happening. So many of us are caught up in social
media and living a life outside of the real world. Many parents are
not connecting with their children. Often either because they are
suffering from addiction themselves, or because they are working. The
cost of living is so high that often (if there are two parents at
home) both are working full-time jobs.

is a disease, and often with diseases, people cannot maintain a job
and suffer from low economic status. The individual loses respect for
themselves and the respect of others. Addiction also has a negative
impact on children if they are present in the home, which they often
are. Children of addicts often suffer from mental health themselves,
internalizing feelings, and often have a difficult time in school. It
is also more likely that a child of an addict will suffer from
addiction themselves. The society also suffers because these people
are often con contributing to society and require assistance

the addiction crisis in this nation is going to have to start with
treating mental health. The majority of people who suffer from
addiction suffer from mental health. It usually starts with
self-medicating to relieve emotional pain, which leads to a cycle of
addiction. Being able to diagnose and make mental health care more
accessible to the population will help to decrease the addiction
crisis, providing education about mental health and addiction can
also help alleviate this pandemic.