Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction: The Booby Trapped Coping Mechanism


Addiction: The Booby Trapped Coping Mechanism

I believe our nation’s addiction crisis comes from mental health related issues. Social media and today’s society has affected so many individuals mentally and it is becoming very serious. Therapy and communicating with friends is a remedy, it is just not enlightened enough for people to be one hundred percent comfortable with it. I feel that people feel ashamed if they have a mental illness and do not want to be open about it. People have all these underlying mental issues that most do not know about or that they just push off and when people are presented with ideas that “Oh, this will help with your issues. You will feel good after.”, the peer pressure wins that battle.

Most consequences with addiction are overdose, suicide, homelessness and many more. Another example would be if people do not want to accept help, they end up with no one to rely on because it has pushed everyone away. People from school suffer from depression and anxiety and so the decide to go find some weed and the next thing you know, they always have it and are soon addicted. People are so messed up mentally that one little hit of something can take over their entire life because they do not have the mental capabilities to realize that there are better ways to cope. There are better ways than becoming addicted to heroin or alcohol. I have watched so many cop television shows and people who have an addiction are basically in it for life unless they really commit and get the help they need.

I feel that the only way to remedy a crisis this large is to improve the view of mental illness and advertise mental illness therapy more and in different ways. Doing so ties in the individuals part. If we present more and more examples, people need to realize what they have is a problem and they need to trust in therapy. Today’s society it is hard to trust people but mental health is something people need to start learning about and trusting more. The more we present the different types of illness and addictions the more broader it gets. Being around the people I am at my school, everyone just thinks of a mental illness as depression and then they fall into addictions because of it. If we present the multiple illnesses with the multiple addictions and related therapies, the more people will probably understand that both of these things are not just one type. There are multiple types of them and they could see that oh, “I suffer from that but I did not know it was an addiction.” People everyday and especially in today’s society are suffering from mental illnesses and addictions and just issues that they do not know about or that no one else knows about and it needs to be brought to light.