Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction Pain

Name: Naomi Brooks

Addiction Pain

Addiction is a
painful condition of being addicted to a specific substance or
activity. Whether it’s alcohol, nicotine, heroine, etc. These main
addictive things really cause severe health issues to people, as
worse as close to death.

Our nation is
definitely dealing with an addiction crisis because there are a lot
of people in the world who have not been given the proper treatment
and services they need to recover from addiction. Also because there
are still dangerous drugs being created in society and it’s allowing
people who have addiction to get their hands on them easily. There is
also an addiction crisis where people can potentially catch things
that can never go away for the rest of their life.

The consequences for
addiction on these individuals is that they can be at high risk for
catching sexually transmitted diseases, which can greatly affect
their health. There’s a second consequence of getting cancer from
inhaling cigarettes a lot of the time. In terms of drinking in
society, you can possibly get yourself into a bad accident from
either driving under the influence or having a high BAC. Addiction
can also mentally affect society as a whole by causing anxiety and

To remedy the crisis
for individuals, there should definitely be special treatment given
to individuals who are struggling with addiction to specific things.
Now for individuals who have an underlying mental health issue and
are addicted to something, they should be put in a mental health
facility to take care of their mental health first before being given
treatment for their addiction. Society should be more strict with no
smoking policies by not allowing specific people to smoke if they
have an underlying health issue going on. In terms of addiction,
society should remove very addictive substances so that people can’t
gain access to them.