Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction is a Plague

Name: Madison Young

Addiction is a Plague

is a Plague

current world has become a dangerous place. As technology progresses
and our environment gets more damaged, people are becoming more and
more addicted to various things. There has always been addiction in
society but with advances in technology, nearly everyone has been
hooked. Hooked on social media and their phones. Society has become
so engulfed by their online image that they have begun to neglect the
real things in life that matter. Telephones being merely one source
of addiction that has increased I have seen firsthand the increase of
alcoholics and drug addicts as well.

media is used by children nine years old all the way to the elderly
who are ninety something years old. Social media has captivated such
a large audience, making it extremely difficult to regulate.
Technology has become so useful to us that most people could not
survive a day without their phone or some type of electronic. Our
phones tell us when to wake up, reminds us of people’s birthdays,
and its addicting because it makes almost everything easier. Making
society as a whole extremely lazy. People have a hard time putting
the phone down for a day because our attention spans have been
decreasing while the technology advances. Social media is on par with
being as addictive as heroin. Getting likes on your post is like an
addict’s fix. It’s like saying “oh your so loved, you have so
many friends, and people like your posts”, it boosts your
self-esteem but when people make posts on social media, they aren’t
posting their real selves. They are often posting photos of how
they’d like to be seen by others. When celebrities do this, it can
cause the impressionable youth to have issues with their self-esteem.
Many young girls have eating disorders because of how women are
portrayed in magazines and social media. Consider how many of the
models in today’s day do speed to stay skinny. Technology is not
the only addiction that has been increasing.

recently there happened to be an extremely large opioid epidemic in
Oklahoma. Nikki Six, bass guitarist for Motley Crue, told me about
the epidemic going on. When he came into my work a while back. Nikki
Six was once a heavy drug user and overdosed on heroin and was
clinically dead for two minutes. This is why he has made it a large
part of his life to help people with opioid addiction get help.
Currently there are 2.6 million people are addicted to opioids. And,
there’s a stigma behind opioid addiction and it’s one of the
reasons it is harder for people to seek treatment. Another thing I
have come to notice about drugs today is that they have become
extremely easy to obtain. People are getting diagnosed falsely
diagnosed with diseases just to obtain drugs. I also know that when
people get out of surgery or where in an accident, they are
prescribed more opioids than needed. Since opioids are a popular drug
they get easily sold.

not every addiction is caused by technology and people wanting to
make a quick buck off of leftover prescriptions. From personal
experience I believe a lot of addiction stems from people who are in
denial or have some sort of family problem that has never been
resolved. I am child of two drug addicts one current and one former.
My mother’s choice of drug before she got pregnant with me was
psychedelics and speed. My mom was hooked on drugs but ended up going
to rehab and sobering up before I was born. It was my grandma who
intervened and got her help and I believe because my grandma was able
to express her concerns for her, she was able to resolve what issue
she had with her. My father was also put in rehab at around the same
time and he didn’t get a lot of help from that rehab visit, but
when my mom got pregnant, they both stopped smoking, drinking, and
drugs. However, my dad’s sobriety would come to an end three years
after my birth. Due to my uncle to whom was also a drug addict was
nearly killed by a friend of him and my fathers. This man bashed my
uncles head in with a crowbar for no reason, and my uncle almost
died, he had to have his mouth wired shut for a year. He also ended
up going to prison for four years. And, this is when my father lost
his sobriety. He and his brother were once extremely close but have
been on not good terms for a very long time. I believe that my dad
who is the older brother blames himself for not being there for my
uncle, and not making up with him. The guilt I believe is what pushed
my dad over the edge, and ever since I was three years old my dad has
not been able to stay sober for longer than six months. I was solely
raised by a loving mother and was given emotional problems from my
father who liked to be in and out of my life. I have experienced
first-hand the cycle of someone who has a problem and there are
always four major components when it comes to my father. One, he gets
out of jail sober and gets involved in my life. Two, gets a
girlfriend and forces a relationship between she and I. Three, begins
to fight with his girlfriend and he stops getting involved with me.
Four, he’s back on drugs and on his way to jail. And the cycle will
continue to repeat and each time his impressionable daughter will
think, maybe he really is doing better this time. Which I’ll tell
you now to save you some time the cycle has not once wavered in its
pattern. It used to get me thinking, maybe there’s something wrong
with me, maybe he loves drugs more than me. Which all of that is not
true but it is extremely difficult to make yourself believe that.
Just by knowing my dad and who he is. I believe it is hard for him to
love himself after all of the things he has put everyone in his
immediate family through, and he also has issues accepting the fact
that there are things that can’t be changed. Addiction is something
that is hard to see up close and it’s also difficult for me, a
college student, listen to my peers make joyous claims about trying
coke for the first time. When they realize I am a little upset by it
they always say “I just wanted to try it once”, when people say
this to me, I just want to get right up in their face and ask them
“Don’t you think that’s what addicts said their first time as

Prisons used to be a place for
rehabilitation not punishment, and in today’s day criminals get so
in debt from their stay in prison that it makes it nearly impossible
for one to get back on their feet. With the prisons being so
overflowing with criminals the justice system has stopped
prioritizing the rehabilitation aspect of prison and has focused
mainly on the punishment. I hope that eventually the justice system
can get its self-worked out so my dad can get the help he needs. I
also hope that they begin to put more funding into rehabs, so I never
have to attend another open casket of someone who had over dosed on