Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction hurts all

Name: Zac Beakley

Addiction hurts all

Zac Beakley


Moms struggle with addiction

My mother has
now struggled with Alcohol Addiction for the pat 10 years, she has
been to rehab and it did not help, I now realize that there is no
helping her, that she is to far gone. I recently decided that me and
hers relationship is now more or less nothing 50 percent of the time,
I’ve also decided that she will not be in my life much after I
graduate from high school, she wont leach off me and if she does need
help I’ll always see what I can do but I don’t want hardly
anything to do with her, sometimes she’s the worst person and the
worst mother someone could know or have. She used to be a great
person and mother, but those days are long gone.