Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction: Harmful or Helpful


Addiction: Harmful or Helpful

As a nation we are facing a major issue that not many people want to talk about. That problem is with addiction and drugs. This crisis has impacted so many lives and its time to do something. I think we are facing this crisis because the mental state of our nation is not in good shape. Most people don’t realize that mental illness is an exact reason why people start doing drugs in the first place. Mental health care in this nation is frowned upon by lots. It is okay to see a therapist or simply talk to someone you trust about things without being judged. Consequences of drug addiction are very bad. Once a person has an addiction, everything they do or say could and will affect someone close to them. Addiction is definitely passed thru a family believe it or not. Being in society with an addiction could cause you to put others near you in harm. People who have addictions can’t control themselves sometimes and that could potentially harm something or someone. My main strategy for cleansing a society and nation of addiction is to invest in more mental health awareness programs and make them more accessible to people from all walks of life. The problem is that people who struggle with addiction would like to be healthy and stop what they’re doing but they don’t have the right resources to do so.