Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction Crisis


Addiction Crisis

We are facing an addiction crisis now because drugs are becoming more and more accessible. People are able to get pills from friends, and medicine from doctors seems to be more addicting now. People are relying more and more on these drugs after getting such easy access.

The access to these drugs is becoming easier because now more people are learning to make synthetic drugs, which is even more addictive and harmful.

Addiction of one person can affect so many people. It can affect the addict’s family, friends and the people who live around them. The addicted may end up hurting themselves severely through the use of the drugs. Overdosing is quite easy and this kind of thing can tear people’s families apart.

While the drug trade in America sort of helps the economy, it also hurts the society as a whole. More and more people are becoming addicted and getting friends addicted. This country could end up under a drug pandemic because of how many influential people use drugs and how many young kids see this thinking it is cool.

Also, because certain drugs are illegal, it makes it more tempting for people to try it. That is how the human mind works. It wants what it cannot have. It is a thrill using something you know you are not supposed to use.

It is very difficult to try to prevent drug use because America is such a large country. I myself truly cannot think of a way to prevent drug use except for regular drug tests on citizens. That would be one of the only ways to at least try to work towards addiction being less prominent in the country.

The addiction crisis in America is one of our biggest problems. It affects so many people and is extremely hard to control. It is slowly tearing people apart and a way to prevent this addiction crisis from growing larger is one of our most important issues now.