Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction can take over anyone

Name: Drea Gonzales

Addiction can take over anyone



15th, 2019

Awareness Essay

can take over anyone

talking about addiction, people tend to think that addiction is only
an indication under a heavy matter, but that is not the case.
Addiction comes in all forms. There are forms of less harmful
addiction and then there are extreme forms of addictions. Over 21
million people are known to have an addiction of some sort, that
tripling the overdose rate since 1990. This is a huge issue for our
nation and it is getting out of hand. As a daughter of a recovered
addict, I have experienced a front-row seat of someone who was
addicted to alcohol and drugs. At the age of three, my dad was
diagnosed with cancer, putting my family through a time most families
never will experience. After months of treatment, my dad survived
with a 10% chance of living. This opened my dad’s eye, almost losing
his life. He realized that he hadn’t lived his life as he wanted, he
had so much more to accomplish before seeing the light again. This
tore my family apart, my mother who just saw her husband and father
of her children also die, now seeing my dad live every day like it
was his last. My father who only wanted the best fell out of the
vision of his responsibilities and my mother suffered from that. At
the age of five, my mother had turned to alcohol as her way of coping
with her issues. At first, it was a glass or so a night, then it
turned into a bottle a day. With both my parents losing their real
vision on life, they dedicated it to get a divorce. My mother who had
no trust in my father and my father who could no longer watch my
mother drownd herself in alcohol. This device was not an easy one,
for years they fought and it became very abusive and toxic to not
only them but to our family. From the age of five to twelve years
old, I rarely saw my mother sober. My sister and I were left to raise
ourselves, making us grow up at a very young age. With the fear of
losing my mother to alcohol, I would hide her bottles, pore out her
alcohol, flush her cigarettes down the toilet, and do things that
were not normal for a child to have to deal with. It was not
something I was able to talk about nor something people my age would
understand. There were times that I would miss months of school, or
wouldn’t leave the house in days due to her being too intoxicated to
drive. This took heavy measures on me, I fell behind in school, both
my sister and I became very emotionally unstable. On my twelfth
birthday, I woke up ready to go shopping and see a movie with my
friends and mother. After waking up my intoxicated mother, she began
to yell and scream at me that we were no longer going and that she
was taking me to my friends. As she dropped me off at my friends
around 8 am, she told me that she was sorry for screaming and that
she would be back around 2 pm to take my friend and me to a movie. As
of 2:37 pm, I hadn’t heard from her so I began to contact her, no
answer or response. As family members were not able to get a hold of
her, I became worried. My friend’s mother offered to drive me back
home to see if she was there, and we found nothing. As it was already
5 pm, we were running out of options. My friend’s mother drove me to
my mother’s boyfriend’s house to see if that is where she was. As we
got there I didn’t see her car but his car was there. After walking
up to his condo, my friend and I knocked on the door and got no
response. After a few minutes, I tried to push the door open and
finally, it opened. As I walked in screaming for my mother, I got to
the stairs and there she was. Standing at the top on the stairs, very
intoxicated. I explained to her how much everyone was worried and
that she didn’t keep her promise to pick me up. As we drove home, she
continued to yell and scream at me about how I was a bother to her
life and that I didn’t care about her. That is when I comply. The
following day I called my father and moved in with him. I lived with
my dad ever since. It took my mom a few years for my mother to
realize the impact her addiction had. In 2015 she was diagnosed with
Multiple Sclerosis, with being in and out of the hospital she had no
option but to stop drinking unless she would die. My mother who has
been sober since 2015, worked extremely hard for both mine and my
sister’s forgiveness. As something that changed my whole life, I
still have things that I can and never will forgive her for, but at
the end of the day she is my mother and I love her to death. As
someone who has seen someone fall close to death due to addiction, I
believe that there are unlimited reasons for addiction. I have seen
friends my age, addicted to vaping or parting because of the “way
it makes them feel,” or because “It helps them forget reality for
a second.” As someone who will never turn to drugs and alcohol as
an escape, I believe that addiction is a choice. Some become addicted
to escape, others use it in a way to fit in, some even use it to be
liked. The reason for the addiction is unexplainable. I do believe
that throughout the social media era, addiction has grown. It is
influenced by everyone. It is a trend that people don’t realize until
they are too far gone. I believe the only way for us as a nation to
control this is by teaching and portraying the long term effects of
addiction. This is a very serious matter and it is getting out of
hand, but with a little more care and teaching, we will be able to
take control of the rate of addiction.