Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction Awareness Scholarship

Name: Trevor Blake Steinau

Addiction Awareness Scholarship

my freshman year, I smoked Marijuana for the first time. I smoked
occasionally until my sophomore year. This is when I got out of hand.
I was going through some trials with my parents and I began to get
into the wrong crowd of friends. For a year I smoked almost every day
unless I went on a trip with my family or just wasn’t able to. I
became addicted without realizing it. I decided to take
responsibility and quit. It was very hard. I relapsed multiple times.
Not many kids realize how addicted they were until it gets to a point
where you cant go a week without it. It becomes a cycle. Teens all
over the nation are dealing with addiction in one-way shape or form.
So many stereotypes are formed about everyone, what people don’t
realize is something Edwin Rolfe said, “Don’t judge a book by
its cover.” No one truly understands what people are going
through. These stereotypes cause people to down themselves and look
for a way to get rid of those thoughts. These are what cause
addictions. Vaping, weed, meth, and eating are forms of “escapes”.
These actions have consequences. For me, I scared my family. I always
had a cloud over my thinking everything is horrible and if something
good happened I shouldn’t get too excited because bad things are
happening everywhere. I really hurt my relationship until I quit I
made sure to form our relationship in a way it couldn’t be broken
again. As an individual you can’t be pessimistic about everything,
you have to think positively and hopefully. As a society, we need to
make sure to watch what we say and think about others. That way we
can all get along.