Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction Awareness scholarship campaign


Addiction Awareness scholarship campaign

of the most important reasons for the addiction crisis is the
increased amount of individual rights and a pleasure orientated
cultural lifestyle. This would mean that people have abundant
opportunities to be exposed to smoking, drinking, having casual sex
which in turn makes them addicted to the plasure they experience by
moving them to experiment new ventures and one among them is drugs.
Secondly, the country is increasingly becoming multi – cultural and
more human and goods movement from across the world is happening on
a daily basis which leads to smuggled drugs. It’s considered to be
one of the most important industries that attract huge income.
Finally, presence of unemployment and discrimination would force
certain people to engage in drug dealing for easy money, thus
making the network very strong to be controlled.

It has done forced individuals to seek for pleasure from drugs
thus, not caring about the family. It has increased the amount of
unemployed people and made many unproductive .It has also led many
people to become criminals although not very serious crimes . Peoples
lose their self-control and engage in casual sex which leads to
unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. It has become a huge headache
to the criminal justice system as many Maria’s have emerged as drug
dealers .

the government’s responsibility to stop all the benefits to people
who use drugs and become unproductive and a burden to the entire
society . People who engage in drug dealing should be punished
severely by stripping them of all their basic rights and provisions.
People who engage in crimes after consuming drugs or in the name of
drugs should be punished severely so that others might feel safe.
Government should isolate the drug users and quarantine them in
order to treat thm, so that they may not influence others. Although
the government respects individual right, they should take strong
steps to make the society safe.