Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction Awareness: Importance of Surrender

Name: Cameron James Dutcher

Addiction Awareness: Importance of Surrender

Awareness Scholarship: Importance of Surrender

the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Foreword to the 1st, 2nd,
3rd, and 4th editions, mention the growth in alcoholics and addicts
joining AA from 1939 to current. The numbers are astonishing. It
started with 2 people and throughout the years there is estimated
are well over “100,800 groups meeting in approximately 150
counties” (xxii). With that being said, that’s the amount of
people that have turned to a program to seek solution, but there are
many others that are not accounted for such as the “functioning
addict” who believe they can control and manage their “drink”
and the homeless. There is a much larger population all in all and
the way we consume things today between social media, food, money,
porn, etc. are directly correlated to the routines of instant
gratification that the world has used to fill the emptiness within
themselves. That’s precisely why addiction is at an all time high.

someone who stays in recovery, I have the ability to share my
experience and what I have seen from others when it comes to the
consequences of alcoholism and it
not pretty. Most chose to suffer through seeking the answer of deep
rooted insecurities in the bottle, the denial that we could control
and manage our drinking, despite the “countless vain attempts to
prove that we could drink like a gentleman” (Big Book), and the ego
that comes with believing we can recover on our own. Active addiction
is not a choice, those who suffer from alcoholism hold onto control
which results in being a tornado in life, ruining relationships,
burning opportunities, discomfort in their own skin, and living
paycheck to paycheck. This way of life has an overall expiration
date because no matter what, the real alcoholic is hardwired to abuse
drugs and alcohol. On a societal level, “Here is a fellow who has
been puzzling you” (21). The actions that are taken by an alcoholic
affect others and people in active addiction normally do not care. We
are selfish and self-centered to our core and as a result the
families have lost someone who is beloved, who is “one of the
finest fellows in the world, yet let him drink for a day…” They
see an alcoholic with the drunk-a-log and with good reason want to
run or those who are also sick being attached on the level that “I
can fix the alcoholic” when they are beyond mistaken that human
power can save the alcoholic. Unfortunately an alcoholic can only be
saved by a Higher Power. Recovering alcoholics believe that their
Higher Power provided them with grace through a moment of clarity by
coming to a realization of what the past has looked like from others’
perspectives, how much they are at discomfort with themselves and
can’t see a way out. A real alcoholic cannot get sober without this
moment of clarity whether it was their choice or not to come into the
rooms. That in my experience is what society and individuals most get
mistaken about when dealing with the real alcoholic.

As far as a remedy goes numerous resources between sober livings,
inpatient and outpatient programs, AA, NA, CODA, SLAA, CA, HA etc.
are at the disposal of suffering alcoholics. The best thing for a
suffering alcoholic in seeking solution is to surrender and come to a
belief that as long as they are in the control seat there will not be
a solution provided. For the families and friends that also suffer
from the alcoholics actions, the only approach is to
go, and Let God” as outlined in the Al-Anon Program. We must let
the alcoholism run its course without us being the enabler. When
talking about addictions in other areas, the same applies for there
to be