Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Addiction



Addiction is a strong form of holding on to a certain substance, thing or activity. We becoming addicted to certain things due to the feeling it gives up or takes away. Once something is inserted into the brain, it’s as if the brain formulates you’re mind to want more; to hold on to it which makes it extremely hard to let go. The desire for whatever it is one is addicted to becomes more important than anything else. We as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis because because there probably issues that believed to be more important or has a better chance of resolving. Also, there doesn’t seem to be as much resources other than AA meetings and such for people will all different sorts of addictions. For the individual , consequences like death or ending up in jail can happen. For more personal affect, the individual can lose connection with their loved ones. As for society , dealing with individuals who have addictions can cause more people to gain addictions. Also, the society can be looked at in a negative way with an increase of addiction. To remedy the crisis, more resources should be provided for the individual to deal with their addictions and to not feel like they are not cared for. People want to feel like there are help being provided for things that they feel like they can’t control. On the societal level, i believe the same remedy as adding resources to help because decrease in addiction will help the society as a whole.