Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – A Teen’s Solution For Tobacco Addiction

Name: Cassius Garado

A Teen’s Solution For Tobacco Addiction


May, 2020

Teen’s Solution For Tobacco Addiction

someone who knows people and family members who suffer from addiction
I would like to raise awareness towards the effects of tobacco
addictions. Millions, if not, billions of people fall prey to tobacco
addiction and negatively affect themselves and the people around
them. When I was younger I asked my mom why she smoked even though it
was bad. She quickly responded saying that she smokes simply because
my siblings and I stress her out so much. People usually fall under
tobacco addiction because they think it relieves them from the stress
coming from work or school. With the immense relief they gain from
smoking they repeat the process to make them feel better. Even though
they’ve been told repeatedly the dangers of smoking, they refuse to
stop and continue anyway. There is an abundance of consequences for
smoking cigarettes for both the individual and those around them.
According to the CDC, smoking causes lung diseases and “more than
16 million Americans are living with a disease caused by smoking”.
Smoking is known to cause cancer, strokes, diabetes, tuberculosis,
and a variety of heart or lung diseases. This also accounts for
vaping as well but according to studies done at Harvard people who
vape primarily suffer from lung diseases. When considering the people
who are victims of secondhand smoking the issue of tobacco addiction
begins to affect billions of people. I, among millions of others, am
a victim of secondhand smoking as I have developed asthma at a young
age. According to the CDC, approximately two and a half million
people “died from health problems caused by exposure to secondhand
smoke”. These statistics help prove that tobacco is not only
dangerous for the person consuming it, but also for the people in
their surroundings because they inhale the smoke as well. In order to
remedy this crisis on an individual and even a societal level we may
need to resort to extreme means by raising taxes on tobacco products
since advertisements and articles are not doing much. Banning the use
of tobacco would not work because then people would resort to
obtaining these products illegally which would further worsen the
situation. Raising taxes on these products will hopefully reduce the
demand for tobacco, but unfortunately this most likely will not stop
a vast majority of people from purchasing these from other people for
cheaper. This is why putting efforts towards rehab centers and even
emphasizing the need to visit a doctor to help deal with addiction.
These methods may not effectively eradicate the use of tobacco
everywhere but it does work in tandem with advertisements and
articles to discourage its use and hopefully lower the amount of
people who consume tobacco.