Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – A Small Town With A Big Drug Crisis

Name: Destiny Youngblood

A Small Town With A Big Drug Crisis

use to rap about not doing drugs, and how they were dangerous. As rap
evolved, more drug users and sellers began making music that people
quite enjoyed. Creating a culture which we live in now or promoting
the use of drugs. I enjoy rap music myself, but not the new rap that
promotes the use of drugs and violence, but the more poetic
storytelling culture rap. There’s a difference in discussing what you
have done and stopped doing than to do something and tell others its
cool. Which causes more of a drug crisis. Especially in a small town
like West Virginia, where many teens see it as “cool” to
use drugs and listen to promoting music of it. And they enjoy the
attention they get when they say they do it. We all worry about our
loved ones using drugs as a support method or overdosing from a
mental illness.

consequence of this crisis will affect a community in so many ways
from the loss of loved ones to the individuals themselves. Whether it
be homelessness or death, drugs are not worth the pain and suffering.
I think in a small town like Charleston, West Virginia things like
this affect the younger communities more than the older because I
think the young community bonds more. Especially via social media. We
connect with each other and get to know each other by following and
chatting every so often. When we see that our friends or family
suffer from the drugs, we get concerned because we don’t want to
watch them go down this road. And when the worst comes, we are all
grieving from the loss. It makes a huge impact on a small community,
where everyone knows and cares about one another.

many families in West Virginia have this common issue. Kids begin
sometimes as young as 13 or 14 years old. They watch their parents do
it in front of them all their lives, so it becomes a normal thing for
them. When you confront a loved one about the issue, be sure that you
confront in a calm and respectful way. You do not want to upset them
or make them uncomfortable to talk about the issues with you. As this
could even result in a bigger issue. Seek a professional to do an
intervention with your family and your loved one. Try to bring up the
issue politely, and let them know that you care about them and that
you are just concerned.

can come together as a community to fix our crisis. We can reach out
to loved ones and make sure they are doing okay. Talk a while, maybe
you can brighten their day to help them change their minds. Learn how
you can get involved in your community to help others sober up. Seek
help from professionals if you feel like you are headed down this
path. Think about your family and friends who care about you! Join or
create local groups for people to meet and discuss problems among one
another. Before we judge one another, we should put ourselves in
their shoes and think of any appropriate way to discuss the issue.
Support your local communities and look out for one another to save a