Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – A generational struggle


A generational struggle

A generational struggle

By: Melissa McMahon

The countless number of my peers, friends, and family who struggle with depression and anxiety while finding themselves today is quite uncomfortable. Many kids find themselves ashamed or in denial in confirming that they reside in the population that deals with this. Our generation is constantly thrown into comparison and competition with each other, whether it is on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. While these social networks could be utilized positively in several ways, our lives are thrown into a constant competition to keep up with others; a constant competition of who can be the most impressive, attractive, and most— seemingly— happy.

It has become apparent to me that our generation’s substance abuse problem lies in our lack of self-confidence. My generation hides it’s emotions and true feelings in highs, drunks, and buzzes. It’s darkness is only exposed in our lows, late nights, and overdoses. I feel for my peers who rely on their substances as an escape from their thoughts; while I am lucky that substance is not my escape, writing is my escape and most of all my sanity.

I believe that all we truthfully desire as a whole is sanity. My generation is truthfully addicted to a means of reaching a state of content and fulfillment. Without a mechanism to lean on, there would be more casualties than anyone could ever imagine and want. Although, what most abusers do not realize is substance abuse is a temporary and destructive method. Abuse as a mechanism for restoration only endures so long as an envelope of happiness until it crashes and burns.

I have witnessed with suicide, demolition following refutiation, and realization of substance abuse. I believe that substance abuse can be refuted by creative public awareness. I hope that a career in business can enable me to draw awareness to this prevalent issue among teenagers and young adults. More than anything, I hope it will enable me to make a difference in catching the attention of those who actively deal with this issue and shed light on new, healthy, productive ways to fulfill themselves. All that kids truthfully desire is fulfillment. I hope that I can offer ideas on ways these kids can find their ways out of their anxiety and addiction, and most of all, find their worth.