Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – A Deteriorating Life

Name: Courtney A Heiner

A Deteriorating Life

Deteriorating Life

and societally there are a plethora of consequences of substance
abuse addiction. To start out broader in the societal aspect,
addiction increases crime rates substantially. People who abuse
substances will often steal and lie to fulfill their addiction, which
effects businesses and the economy. Addiction causes an uptick in
violence; users are more volatile and aggressive as the substances
take an effect on their body and brain. Thus, violence may create
personal issues for the individual and this contributes to the rise
in homelessness, as addicts are unable to support themselves and lose
their housing and other resources. Lastly, financial and economic
problems occur when resources are drained when crime happens and
trying to support and/or rehabilitate addicts.

a more narrowed scope, individual consequences consist of multiple
aspects, one of the major ones being relationships. The relationship
an addict has with friends may be toxic, as they surround themselves
with other addicts, and lose their close friends that were there
before substance took hold of their life. Family dynamics are
strained or nonexistent, addicts may choose drugs over their loved
ones, causing strain amongst family members and their relationship to
the addict. Addicts are prone to the consequence of increased
aggression, further causing strain in their life with friends,
family, and their own well-being. As a substance consumes a user,
this affects their physiology and as a result, their mental health
and judgement often declines. This in my opinion is one of the
greatest consequences of addiction for an individual, good mental
health is crucial to the longevity of a person’s life and health.