Does Changing Habits Really Change Your Life?

In December 31, 2018

Does Changing Habits Really Change Your Life?

The habits that we have are more than just part of our routine, they can influence our thoughts and behavior in many aspects of our lives. Research has shown that one of the best ways to bring about positive change is to create new routines and develop better habits. People who are able to change certain habits can start to see it impact their life in ways that they don’t expect.

Making big changes can take time and seem overwhelming but it can be easier to focus on changing only one habit at a time. If you want life changes there may be a long list of things that you need to work on in order to see improvement. When you choose one habit and are able to successfully change your behavior then it can motivate you to make even more changes.

You can start by prioritizing and changing habits you want to change and identify the most important ones that you think will have a positive impact. When you start to get your main habits on track, other things will start to flow and fall into place naturally. Simple, practical habit changes can improve the way you feel and put you in a better mind set to tackle bigger life changes.

Habits such as sleep, nutrition, stress reduction and exercise can have a big impact on your health and your ability to face challenges. Developing better habits for mental and physical wellbeing can transform the way that you think and behave so that you handle stress more easily and are able to get through difficult situations. Bad habits can influence you in ways that you may not realize and make it harder to reach goals.

If you want to make life changes, focus on changing specific habits and you will start to see things transform for the better.

By Dr. Reuben Vaisman-Tzachor

Primary Therapist