New Year, New You: Can New Year’s Resolutions Get You Sober?

Ask most people and they’ll tell you that New Year’s resolutions aren’t worth talking about. It’s almost a cliché that they’re bound to fall away. Nonetheless, gyms are packed every January. Shelters and charities overflow with volunteers. People clearly believe in the power of a new year. Which is why many alcoholics decide to get… Continue reading New Year, New You: Can New Year’s Resolutions Get You Sober?

Clinical Depression and Medical Marijuana

As medical marijuana has become slowly legalized in multiple states around the country, more people are turning to marijuana to treat clinical depression. These people feel that marijuana has less harmful side effects than some prescribed psychiatric medicine and that marijuana is also easier accessible and affordable.  However, this new trend has been a recently… Continue reading Clinical Depression and Medical Marijuana

CBD and Its Role in Addiction Recovery

Addressing Workplace Anxiety

  Working a full time job can be stressful and places a lot of pressure on employees to perform well. There may be competition with other employees, office politics and other factors which increase stress and anxiety. Someone who suffers from workplace anxiety disorder may have issues keeping up with their work or may be… Continue reading Addressing Workplace Anxiety

Meditation for Wellness: 4 Types

  People use Meditation for Wellness to cope with many kinds of problems, including physical and mental stress, behavioral problems and mental illness. Meditation is a quick way to boost your overall health and has enormous benefits in the long term. However, if you are new to meditation there are many different types that you… Continue reading Meditation for Wellness: 4 Types

Relationship Problems: Common Habits that Can Cause it

  Long-term relationships can suffer from communication problems over time and many people don’t even realize that their behavior is creating more conflict and Relationship Problems. There are certain habits and warning signs that can point to a problematic relationship that may not be able to survive if those actions continue. Improving communication and changing… Continue reading Relationship Problems: Common Habits that Can Cause it

Dealing with Isolation Urges

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time alone and many people who identify as introverts usually feel re-energized by having lots of time to themselves. Although it can feel good to cancel plans and choose to have a night in, it is important to be able to identify when tendencies toward isolation urges… Continue reading Dealing with Isolation Urges

Exercise Curbs Cravings

Part of recovering from an addiction means working to achieve a healthier lifestyle in all aspects of your routine. In order to be healthy and stay sober, addicts need to not only focus on remaining abstinent but also eating a well-balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise and minimizing stress levels. Exercise can be helpful not… Continue reading Exercise Curbs Cravings

Does Changing Habits Really Change Your Life?

The habits that we have are more than just part of our routine, they can influence our thoughts and behavior in many aspects of our lives. Research has shown that one of the best ways to bring about positive change is to create new routines and develop better habits. People who are able to change… Continue reading Does Changing Habits Really Change Your Life?

5 Tips On How To Stay Level Headed In Treatment

It goes without saying that treatment for recovery can sometimes be very hard and stressful work.  You are having to go all-in working against every fiber of your being, fighting to let go of what used to be one of your main coping mechanisms for handling life. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that can… Continue reading 5 Tips On How To Stay Level Headed In Treatment