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Women Seeking Alcohol Treatment

A new study from the University of Iowa finds that women are less likely to get help for a drinking problem and are more likely to believe the problem will get better on its own. For the women seeking alcohol treatment for themselves, many treatment centers do offer women-only facilities, but often lack fully comprehensive… Continue reading Women Seeking Alcohol Treatment

Mental Health: Sam Smith Opens Up

  Pop singer Sam Smith recently took to twitter to give his followers some mental health advice saying “you are enough”.  He shared several tweets discussing his recent mental health journey and how he learned to accept the things that he goes through. His emotional thread offered some vulnerable thoughts and advice to fans who… Continue reading Mental Health: Sam Smith Opens Up

Malibu Recovery After Historic Wildfires

This past year some of the most dangerous and destructive wildfires in history spread across California and areas of the southwest. More than 8500 fires burned close to 2 million acres in cities like Los Angeles, Houston and Phoenix. Unfortunately thousands of homes were destroyed and the fires even claimed many lives and some places… Continue reading Malibu Recovery After Historic Wildfires

Top 5 Scientific Advancements in Alcoholism

In recent years there have been a lot of progressive changes in the way that we approach alcoholism and treat the illness. Research about addiction provides experts new ideas about what causes alcoholism and the best methods for helping people recover. Scientific advancements in alcoholism are shedding light on how we can use new techniques… Continue reading Top 5 Scientific Advancements in Alcoholism

How the Opioid Epidemic Has Evolved

The U.S. has reached the point of a national health crisis as the opioid epidemic continues to worsen and expand. One of the biggest concerns as the opioid problem keeps evolving and changing is the spread of the drug fentanyl which has led to a dramatic increase in overdoses throughout the country. Fentanyl is an… Continue reading How the Opioid Epidemic Has Evolved