World Class Staff at Seasons

Malibu Rehab Centers

When looking into addiction recovery, one of the most important aspects of treatment to consider is the staff. Seasons in Malibu understands how crucial it is to have experienced, knowledgeable staff members that show care and concern for their patients. With highly trained and qualified medical, psychiatric and psychotherapy experts, Seasons offers patients some of the best world class staff members available for addiction treatment.

The staff at seasons are among the best in their fields and have spent many years working in addiction recovery with a wide range of different patients. They have studied addiction treatment and understand the newest, cutting edge methods for recovery that they can provide for patients. Their time working in addiction recovery has taught them how to create individualized, effective treatment plans for each person entering treatment.

Staff members include detox specialists, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, and case managers who are there to help patients through their journey to recovery at every step of the way. There are also alternative kinds of therapists who specialize in art, yoga, massage and other types of recovery tools. These staff members understand how their particular therapy method relates to addiction and how they can help people in recovery heal.

The World-Class Staff Driving Excellence at Seasons Malibu

At Seasons in Malibu we are aim to provide comprehensive care through a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Below are some of the key roles of our staff:


Our medical doctors possess deep understanding of mental health disorders, co-occurring disorders and extensive knowledge of medication management, they are able to provide comprehensive and integrated care to our clients.


Our licensed and experienced therapists play a crucial role in recovery by providing individual and group therapy sessions. They help our patients to understand the root cause of their addiction, help them in developing coping strategies and work towards long term recovery. They utilize evidence-based therapies and personalized treatment plans that meet our client requirements.


The role of our counsellors is to provide support, guidance, develop coping skills, navigate challenges, and work towards healing and recovery of our patient. They are having years of experience and are capable to address wide range of issues from substance abuse to mental health disorder.

Case Managers

They are the primary point of contact for clients and coordinating their treatment plans. They will assist with treatment planning, monitor progress and adjust treatment plans as needed.

It is important for a recovery treatment center to have plenty of dedicated staff available so that each patient gets the attention and care they need. With a low staff to patient ratio, Seasons offers enough staff to provide individualized help for each patient so that no one is left behind. Staff members will get to know their patients and understand what they personally need for their addiction treatment.

The quality of the staff at a treatment center can determine the success of the patient and Seasons offers staff members who are at the top of their field.