Why addiction treatment is best during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Safe At Home During Coronavirus

When it comes to getting sober, there is no better time than now. That saying couldn’t be more true during these uncertain times. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to get sober and finally overcome your addiction, this is it. Keep reading for reasons why Safe at Home during Coronavirus is a great time to seek treatment, and how you can start getting help today.

Safe at Home During Coronavirus: Logistics are Easy to Work Out

There tend to be many barriers in the way when it comes to finally get the help you need. Time away from work, responsibilities at home, or important milestone events are just a few examples of things that can stop people from going to treatment. However, these days, all of those barriers are gone.

Time Away From Work

There is a high likelihood that things have changed dramatically with your work life. You may have been laid off completely, your hours reduced, are working from home, or are being paid by your employer to stay home. Whatever your situation, being able to take some time away is likely much easier these days than ever before.

There are many programs available, either federally funded or through your state’s unemployment insurance, to help you financially through this time. Instead of staying at home worrying and letting your addiction spiral further, treatment is the best place to be to help you through this time.

Family is Easier to Manage

Your children are home, extracurricular activities are suspended, and having other family help is much easier these days. Instead of feeling like you are imposing on others, asking too much from your spouse, or otherwise asking others to help you with family responsibilities, the safe at home order is the perfect time to reach out to loved ones to help you out. Everyone is home and available to help manage your family responsibilities while you are away at treatment.

No Important Dates to Work Around

A birthday, the holidays, an important presentation at work, a wedding, or some other important date can be a barrier to treatment for many people. Right now, there are no important dates to work around. Gatherings and large events are not allowed, which opens the door for you to enter treatment without the guilt of missing something important.

More Privacy

Another reason why Safe At Home during Coronavirus is a great time to seek treatment is that there is more privacy during this time. Right now, everyone is so focused on themselves and their own situations, that it is much easier for you to sneak off to treatment without having to tell too many people.

If you have always feared certain family members or coworkers finding out you went to treatment before you were ready to tell them, or people asking where you have been for the last month or two, now is the perfect time to go away for treatment without dealing with any of those triggering questions upon returning home.

A Deadly Overdose is Likely

The Coronavirus pandemic is an extremely stressful time. Everything from your daily routine to your financial situation has changed completely, and everything about it can be extremely stressful and triggering. Not to mention the worrisome news headlines day after day and the fears and anxieties associated with the virus and potentially catching it. All of this can send your addiction into overdrive, spiraling you into a hole so deep that a deadly overdose is extremely likely.

In addition, it is very important that you do not attempt to get sober by yourself while at home. This can cause extremely painful withdrawal symptoms, which can lead you to a terrible, deadly relapse.

Instead, make an investment into your future after this is all over. When the Coronavirus has passed and the world returns back to “normal”, will you be alive to see it? The safest place you can be while suffering from addiction is in treatment at rehab centers like Seasons in Malibu.

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We are living in uncertain times, however, there can be several silver linings – such as, now being the perfect time to go to treatment for your addiction. If you are ready to get help but don’t know where to start, give us a call. We are open and available to assist you in every way possible.