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Why Luxury Rehab Works

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    Why Luxury Rehab Works

    While doing research as to which treatment center might be right for you, there is a chance you have come across many types of rehab including inpatient, outpatient, standard, and luxury rehab. Luxury rehab might have a higher price tag, but is it worth it? Luxury rehab tends to have the best chances for long-term recovery, so find out why luxury rehab works and whether it might be right for you.

    Why Luxury Rehab Works: Comfort and Luxury

    Let’s face it: finally admitting you need treatment for your addiction is an uncomfortable process. Going through detox to become sober is uncomfortable. Beginning therapy and opening up to a stranger, and a group of strangers, about your innermost feelings, can be uncomfortable. Learning how to completely change your lifestyle and daily habits can be uncomfortable.

    That is why surrounding yourself in comfort and luxury can make addiction treatment a much more enjoyable experience. By receiving the best treatment money can buy, you will be able to have a much more comfortable detox process, speak with the best doctors in the field of addiction, and surround yourself with like-minded people who are experiencing the same type of lifestyle as you.

    Coping with the daily stress of treatment by having luxury accommodations, gorgeous natural surroundings, and a beautiful facility, luxury rehab might be just the thing to help you kick the addiction for good.

    Making the Investment

    Luxury rehab facilities tend to have a higher price tag than standard rehab facilities and, even though many of them work with insurance companies to help get the cost down, the high price tag can be an extra added incentive to stay on track.

    Paying for luxury rehab is truly an investment in yourself that yields a remarkable ROI. For every dollar spent on luxury rehab, you will receive 7 back in return. This is because of all the money saved being spent on supporting your addiction, wages lost due to time off work or loss of employment, money spent on fixing damaged items, extra money paid to child care to get the children out of the house, and much more.

    Focusing on Yourself

    More often than not, it is recommended to remove yourself from your regular environment and move into an inpatient rehab center for the best chances of recovery. This is to get away from any of your triggers and learn how to cope with them before you return home. In addition, it also helps to remove the temptation and significantly reduces the risk of relapse.

    In addition, it allows you the opportunity to focus completely on yourself and saving your life. In luxury rehab, there are many added amenities that standard rehabs typically do not offer. These include resort-style pools, personal trainers, acupuncture, meditation spaces, massage therapy, art therapy and much more. By taking advantage of these unique treatment methods, you will be more easily able to destress and focus on yourself, as well as find new healthy hobbies and coping mechanisms you may normally have never tried.

    Better Chances for Long-Term Recovery at a Luxury Rehab

    Thanks to all the added benefits that luxury rehab facilities offer, your best chances for long-term recovery are with a luxury rehab facility. By surrounding yourself with world-class care, the best doctors in the industry, comfortable experience and a stress-free place to focus on yourself, you will find that luxury rehab works and is well worth the investment made in it.

    With such attention to detail, luxury rehabs also offer focus on you as an individual rather than lumping you into a group with other people. You will be able to have a more individualized experience, a tailored aftercare program, and a better focus on your specific needs. You will receive more one-on-one attention and your treatment team will be able to better treat your specific needs.

    About Seasons in Malibu

    If you are ready to break free from your addiction and start your new life, why not make it as comfortable and stress-free as possible? Surrounding yourself with comfort, luxury, attention to detail, service, and relaxing accommodations might be just the thing you need to help start your new life in recovery.

    Treatment at Seasons in Malibu is systemic, integrative and client-centered. Our philosophy is grounded in the understanding that in order for the client to heal, the entire system needs the opportunity to heal along with them. The pressure to “fix” the client can become overwhelming and unrealistic if we do not examine the underlying issues, dynamics and environmental influences that might be contributing to substance abuse or ongoing mental health issues. Whenever practical, we try to include close loved ones in sessions and in the entire process of recovering from addiction and/or addressing mental health issues.

    It is a priority for us that our life-changing drug and alcohol treatment be available to the people who need it. We are fully familiar with how much strength and courage it takes to pick up the phone and ask for help. Our counselors are invested in your well-being and are ready around-the-clock to guide you or a trusted friend or family member through the initial steps of overcoming drug or alcohol addiction.

    With our superior team of clinicians, we are able to succinctly pinpoint those areas of focus which will give the client the most advanced opportunity for success. Our approach towards healing is collaborative, comprehensive and committed.

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