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  • Why Luxury Amenities Matter in Treatment

    Why Luxury Amenities Matter In Treatment

    While on your journey of finding the best treatment center for your needs, you will likely have come across luxury treatment centers vs standard treatment centers. Is the cost difference worth it? Learn more about why luxury amenities matter in treatment, and how they can give you the best chances for long-term recovery.

    Why Luxury Amenities Matter in Treatment: Detox is Uncomfortable

    One of the many reasons why luxury amenities matter in treatment is because detox, the first step to sobriety, can be very uncomfortable. Between physical pains, emotions flooding in, and cravings hitting an all-time high, luxury amenities can help alleviate these discomforts to allow you a better experience with a significantly lower chance of relapse.

    In luxury treatment, you will be met with around-the-clock medical care by medical professionals who are specially trained in addiction and its associated withdrawal symptoms. You will receive medication to help with your physical symptoms, cravings, sleeping patterns, and more. Being able to experience all of this while in a resort-like setting will help make you feel more at ease and will better allow you to relax throughout the process.

    The Ultimate De-Stressor

    For many people, going to treatment can be extremely stressful. This can be for many reasons, including:

    • Admitting you do not have control of your use after a long period of denial
    • Realizing all the hurt you have caused loved ones
    • The unknown of what is to come
    • Sudden change in lifestyle
    • Being away from loved ones
    • Having to talk about difficult traumas, emotions, and issues in therapy
    • The fear of being open with a group of strangers

    Even though it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your sobriety, being in treatment can be emotional and stressful. That is one reason why luxury amenities matter in treatment – they are a great way to destress after a long day.

    Having access to a resort-style pool, the ocean, gorgeous views, a private room with beautiful finishes, a remodeled common area, a gourmet kitchen, and everything else that luxury treatment centers provide will offer relaxation and peace of mind.

    Nutrition plays an important role in addiction recovery. Some foods, like ones high in sugar and fat, can actually exacerbate depression and anxiety symptoms. Eating nutritious foods will not only help the body physically heal from addiction, but it helps keep stress and anxiety at bay — both of which are major relapse triggers. Our meals are cooked in a gourmet kitchen and we even offer cooking classes to help you take a new skill to your new, healthy life.

    Enter Your New Lifestyle By Hitting the Reset Button

    One of the great things about luxury treatment is that there are many extra-curricular offerings such as:

    • Beach walks
    • Swimming
    • Sports
    • Meditation
    • Cooking classes
    • Nutrition therapy
    • Art therapy
    • Massage
    • Acupuncture
    • Yoga
    • Surfing
    • Hikes
    • Personal trainers
    • Martial arts
    • Camping trips

    You are able to experiment with different ways to spend your time and possibly find a new hobby that you love, or a reinvigorated love for something you used to do. You will be able to go back home with new skills, ways to spend your time, and a way to connect with people who love the same things you do. By being able to hit the reset button while in luxury treatment, you are setting yourself up for a great life once you complete treatment.

    The Best Chances for Long-Term Recovery

    The number one reason why luxury amenities matter in treatment is that they give you the best chances for long-term recovery. This is because one of the biggest triggers for relapse is stress, and the highest chances for relapse are within the first 90 days of becoming sober. This means that the less stressed you are within the first 90 days, the better your chances of staying sober for the long-term become.

    The more relaxed you are throughout the treatment process, the more open and receptive you will be throughout your journey. Let’s face it: there are few things more relaxing than a resort-style setting by the ocean with detailed, caring service. You will be able to go back home refreshed, having mastered tools to carry on throughout your road to recovery.

    About Seasons in Malibu

    Aside from making the decision to get treatment for your addiction, choosing the right treatment center can be one of the most difficult parts of getting sober. Seasons in Malibu offers an amazing facility with seclusion, breathtaking grounds, and impeccable accommodations.

    Treatment at Seasons in Malibu is systemic, integrative, and client-centered. Our philosophy is grounded in the understanding that in order for the client to heal, the entire system needs the opportunity to heal along with them. The pressure to “fix” the client can become overwhelming and unrealistic if we do not examine the underlying issues, dynamics, and environmental influences that might be contributing to substance abuse or ongoing mental health issues. Whenever practical, we try to include close loved ones in sessions and in the entire process of recovering from addiction and/or addressing mental health issues.

    It is a priority for us that our life-changing drug and alcohol treatment be available to the people who need it. We are fully familiar with how much strength and courage it takes to pick up the phone and ask for help. Our counselors are invested in your well-being and are ready around-the-clock to guide you or a trusted friend or family member through the initial steps of overcoming drug or alcohol addiction.

    With our superior team of clinicians, we are able to succinctly pinpoint those areas of focus which will give the client the most advanced opportunity for success. Our approach towards healing is collaborative, comprehensive, and committed.

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