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What is a Sober Vacation

What is a Sober Vacation

A sober vacation entails

People in recovery can find holidays and vacations an especially difficult time to deal with triggers and cravings that can be overwhelming. When you are out of town in an exotic location it can be hard not to want to have a drink and enjoy yourself. Staying sober while on vacation is a very common problem and that’s why there are plenty of providers that offer sober vacation options.

Vacation providers that offer sober options understand how hard it can be to go on vacation when you are in recovery from an addiction. Vacation is a time where in the past an alcoholic or addict might have indulged even more than normal in order to have a great time and make the most out of their time off from work. The memories of this indulgence can be especially painful for people when they are sober and taking a holiday.

An organized sober vacation is designed to reduce the risk of temptation and triggers so that people in recovery can still have fun without feeling intense cravings. There are potential triggers almost everywhere when a person goes on vacation from being offered alcohol on a plane to complimentary champagne at the hotel and drinks available on different excursions. A sober vacation avoids all of these triggers and helps people in recovery find activities that don’t involve any alcohol.

Options for Sober Vacations

Sober vacations come in many different forms and you can sometimes build your own vacation package that is alcohol-free. Options like sober cruises are a great opportunity as more general cruises often have free drinks at every corner. A sober cruise will still have lots of activities and fun ways to connect with your own group or with other passengers such as scavenger hunts.

Other types of sober vacations can be things like camping trips, yoga retreats, or travel adventures to destinations like South America or Costa Rica. A sober vacation package will usually include a stay at a hotel or resort that is alcohol-free for all the guests. Having no alcohol in the hotel can be a great relief to guests in recovery who might be tempted by an open bar.

An important part of a sober vacation is making sure there are lots of excursions and activities planned so that you aren’t spending too much time lounging on the beach or staying in the hotel. You should have time to relax but should also be active so that you aren’t feeling bored or tempted to drink. Make sure that your vacation package includes adventures and activities that you are interested in trying.

Going to Meetings on Vacation

One of the highlights of taking an organized sober vacation is having twelve step meetings readily available for all the guests. Many sober vacations include meetings as part of the package and allow you to attend a meeting every day. If your vacation package doesn’t include meetings you can look at the AA website and find a local branch wherever you are traveling.

Even though you will be having fun on vacation, going to meetings can be useful because it will allow you to stay connected with your sobriety goals. In spite of being on an alcohol-free vacations you might still have thoughts about drinking or using drugs simply because you are enjoying some free time. A meeting will give you an outlet to talk about the feelings you are experiencing and receive encouragement from your peers to stay strong.

The other guests on a sober vacation may also be struggling with many of the same triggers and feelings of temptation. At a sober vacation twelve step meeting you can talk to others who are having trouble with their desire to drink. These meetings can give you a chance to make new friends and connect with some different people from all around the world.

Learning to Travel Sober

One of the most helpful aspects of a sober vacation is that it is a good learning experience to allow you to get used to being in new environments as a sober person. You can be in safe company and still enjoy an amazing vacation and get adjusted to what it feels like to travel without drinking. The experience can help you realize that it is possible to be away on a holiday and relax and have fun without any alcohol involved.

Sober vacations can be an especially useful tool for people who are still learning to live on their own as a sober person. They may still be minimizing their exposure to bars, parties and alcohol of any kind. Traveling sober can be a good challenge and yet a completely safe experience that will not endanger their sobriety.

If you are in recovery and are interested in trying a sober vacation then look for a provider that offers alcohol -free trips, hotels and includes twelve step meetings.