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Weighing The Cost Of Attending Our Rehab Center In Malibu

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  • Weighing The Cost Of Attending Our Rehab Center In Malibu
  • Weighing The Cost Of Attending Our Rehab Center In Malibu


    There are many different considerations and many reasons that people may give when you talk to them about attending a rehab center in Malibu. One of the most common we hear, and we know most of our clients have used, is the cost of inpatient rehab.

    The good news is that at Seasons In Malibu we accept most PPO insurance plans and work with the top insurance companies. We do understand not everyone has insurance, and we can also work with you to provide financing options to work with your budget. We can do this because of the growing recognition that addiction is a medical condition, and it can be successfully treated long term.

    In considering the cost of a rehab center in Malibu, we often talk to families and patients about the cost of not attending. By looking at these two different ends of the spectrum, it is easy to see how a small financial sacrifice now provides you with a lifetime of positive results.

    The Health Costs

    As addiction runs its course in any human of any age or gender, systems within the body start to break down. Depending on the type of addiction this can mean a shutdown, over time, of one or more parts of the body including kidneys, cardiovascular systems, respiratory system, and the neurological system.

    The cost of these health care issues can be devastating. The long term need for dialysis, the cost of dealing with a neurological disorder, or the need for long-term hospitalization and nursing care can create financial instability even an affluent family.

    The Mental Health Costs

    Drug or alcohol addiction may result in a decrease in the cognitive functioning of the addict. However, it also causes other changes in brain chemistry which can result in serious health issues such as depression, anxiety, and even psychosis.

    Another price of untreated addiction that isn’t considered when calculating the cost of a rehab center in Malibu is the loss of the emotional connection to family and friends. Addiction contributes to the deterioration of everything the person loves and often results in extreme social isolation, which increases the concerns with the risk of mental health problems.

    When considering the cost of good rehab centers in Malibu, we always encourage our clients to think of the cost of failing to get the treatment. More often than not an investment treatment now can give you the opportunity to live a full, active and productive life. Something that would not be possible with untreated addiction.