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  • Family Support: The Vital Role in Treatment
  • Family Support: The Vital Role in Treatment

    Addiction is a problem that affects thousands of people in the state of California every day, whether it is alcohol or drugs, and they often seek help from Malibu treatment programs. Here at Seasons in Malibu luxury rehab center we offer treatment options that are best for Family Support you can find.

    We specialize in treatment programs that deal with alcoholism and addiction, and most importantly, they involve both the family and the patient. One of the first steps in our treatment program after intake is total detoxification from the substance they are addicted to. Shortly thereafter a plan is formed after a personal assessment to get the client on the right track to full recovery.

    Family Plays Vital Role in Malibu Treatment Programs

    When treating addiction, it is important to include friends or family members in order to help promote healthy and positive feedback. The support that is generated when family and friends are actively supporting those in treatment helps address the affected families and friends, and provides a healthy way to deal with the consequences of addiction and alcoholism.

    We work with the entire family to help not just the addict recover, but to ensure that the whole family unit survives and thrives via individualized Malibu treatment programs. There is education, group sessions and other programs for the family should they choose to participate.

    Preventing Relapse is Crucial to Success

    At Seasons in Malibu we don’t just declare the patient cured of their addiction and throw them out on their own. There are weekly sessions provided to help explain how to deal with triggers in a healthy manner. This is a firm part of the Malibu treatment programs we offer. We offer helpful suggestions and coping mechanisms to understand and recognize the triggers the need to use drugs or alcohol and teach them how to identify and overcome them.

    We also provide aftercare programs which help solidify the foundation of recovery. The aftercare program provides a support system and a means to keep the lines of communication open with people they know and can trust.

    Malibu treatment programs at the Seasons in Malibu strives to help those suffering with addiction and their families to overcome their problems and transition back into a successful life via both inpatient and outpatient care and support. Call us today if you need help breaking the cycle of addiction.