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  • Disease Of Alcoholism: Understanding It
  • Disease Of Alcoholism: Understanding It

    Gradually over time and with more education, the general public has come to understand that alcoholism is a progressive health issue. In the past many people believed it was a willful behavior stemming from a lack of self-control or an unwillingness to simply say “no.” Disease Of Alcoholism

    At our Malibu alcohol rehab center, we do still see some clients and some family members who hold this belief to be true. This is where our education programs and our ability to work with the family as well as the alcoholic in treatment can be extremely beneficial.

    Understanding Yourself

    Some of the key points we cover in our alcohol recovery programs are focused on helping those with the addition understand how and why alcohol became a coping mechanism. No one started out drinking with the intent to become an alcoholic, but the addiction still became a very real problem.

    In fact, many people with an alcohol problem don’t see themselves as alcoholics. They often see their drinking as a way to cope, and one which may have started decades ago and has now created changes in their ability to deal with stressors in healthy ways.

    Simply stopping the consumption of alcohol doesn’t create healthy coping skills and strategies. This is why “cold turkey” treatments simply don’t work for most people over time. Once the stress, pressure, anxiety, depression or other triggers build up, the only option the alcoholic may see is to reach for a drink.

    Getting Medical and Counseling Help

    At our inpatient Malibu alcohol rehab center, we will help you to get over the first few days of sobriety. These are often difficult and result in tremors, headaches, and feelings of physical sickness often known as the DTs. These symptoms are a result of your body shedding the toxins and eliminating the alcohol, in various metabolic forms, from your body.

    From this point, treating the Symptoms of alcoholism starts with getting to the root of the problem. You will work one-on-one with various professionals in your ten person treatment team. We will provide medical supervision throughout your detox period and beyond, but you will also work with counselors, therapist and specialists to help guide you on the path of self-discovery.
    In addition, during this same time at our Malibu alcohol rehab center we will introduce you to all the fun things you have been missing in life. You can enjoy walks along the beach, a game of tennis, swimming, surfing or even learning how to prepare amazingly healthy and wonderful food from our gourmet chefs.

    By the time you are ready to leave Seasons In Malibu, we will have a full aftercare plan in place, which will provide you with continued support on your road to sobriety.