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Two Myths Which Stop People From Using Our Malibu Addiction Treatment Center

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  • Two Myths Which Stop People From Using Our Malibu Addiction Treatment Center
  • Two Myths Which Stop People From Using Our Malibu Addiction Treatment Center

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    There are many reasons why people choose to come to Seasons In Malibu for their treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. We also find there are many myths and misunderstandings which may prevent people from seeking help.

    Unfortunately, when these myths about when and how to get into our Malibu addiction treatment center aren’t corrected, individuals who would benefit from treatment miss or delay their opportunity.

    Sometimes these misunderstandings are used by individuals are reasons or excuses to not come into a rehab or to take the time to learn more. Even more often they are used by the people you may use with in an effort to keep you right where you and in the same space they are.

    Hitting Bottom is Essential

    A very common myth we hear all the time is the statement that a person will not benefit from attending a Malibu addiction treatment center unless he or she has hit “rock bottom”.

    The justification for this seems to be that an addict has to have no other option in life other than recovery in order to actually make changes in life. As our staff knows, people at any point in an addiction can benefit from treatment if they simply come into our facility.

    Some of our clients have had ongoing addictions for years while others may have only used a few times and realized the significance of the behavior. Both types of clients have success through our treatment programs, there is no need to be at the end of your list of options to seek help.

    Going to Rehab Involuntarily Never Works

    Clients come to Seasons In Malibu through a variety of different ways. Some may be required to participate in programs offered through a recognized and accredited Malibu addiction treatment center by the court or by an employer.

    Others may arrive at our rehab because of the family or the insistence of a spouse. Many of our patients are here because they recognized a problem and made a positive effort to change.

    The research is very clear and shows that regardless of why people are in rehab if they complete detox and the therapeutic stage in recovery they are equally successful.

    Often the clients which are hesitant or even angry about attending our residential treatment programs become shining examples of how, once given the chance, they can make amazing changes in their lives with just the right help and support.