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Top Rehab Centers and Why They Matter

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  • Top Rehab Centers and Why They Matter

    Top Rehab Centers and Why They Matter

    Top Rehab Centers and Why They Matter

    Aside from making the decision to get sober, one of the biggest decisions you can make along your road to recovery is choosing which rehab center to visit. There are many to choose from depending on your location or budget, but for many, finding the best of the best is of utmost importance. Keep reading to find out more about what makes the top rehab centers the best at what they do, and how they help give their clients the best chances for long term recovery.

    Characteristics of Top Rehab Centers

    The good rehab centers across the country all have four important factors in common: accreditations, beautiful locations, high-caliber staff, and a luxurious facility with attention to detail.


    All of the top rehab centers, and any reputable rehab center for that matter, will have all of the proper accreditations. Our facility is a California State licensed, CARF accredited, world-class treatment center, licensed in both substance abuse and mental health, celebrating over 12 years of service. We are also a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, Consumer Affairs accredited, part of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and many more.


    Location is a very important factor for good rehab centers because the rehab center’s location can make all the difference. If your town or city is too triggering for you, it could be in your best interest to completely detach yourself until you are able to return with the proper coping skills and trigger management skills under your belt. Alternatively, being close to home can be important for many people who heavily rely on their family or loved ones for support, or have responsibilities to tend to.

    In addition, being in a beautiful location is good for the soul, whether the individual is suffering from addiction or not. Being able to take a break from “the real world” and waking up to gorgeous surroundings can do wonders for a person’s mental and physical health.


    Another important factor for the top rehab centers in the country is the staff. The top rehab centers attract the best of the best, highly educated, specialized, and dedicated individuals to work at their facility. Receiving care from staff who are the best in their field is extremely important to many people and can be just the thing to help them open up and receive the therapy they so desperately need.


    A rehab center’s facility is another important piece of the puzzle. It is a place you will call home for a month or more, so enjoying your personal space and having a high-quality facility with attention to detail will make all the difference. Our facility is resort-style with attention to detail and service to help you destress at the end of the day.

    Individualized Treatment Plans

    Many treatment facilities offer cookie-cutter treatment plans, such as The 12 Steps or SMART Recovery. While these treatment plans may work for many, the reality is, it doesn’t work for all. That is why it is so important to visit one of the top rehab centers, as they usually offer an individualized plan that works for you and your specific needs. An individualized treatment plan will help cut down on relapse and the need for multiple rehab visits.

    Comprehensive Aftercare

    Treatment doesn’t end just because your 30, 60, or 90 days are up. Addiction recovery requires ongoing care, which is why the top rehab centers offer comprehensive aftercare. This includes coming up with your exit plan before you leave. This includes the family, your living situation, and many more factors to help keep you from relapsing.

    Best Chances for Long Term Recovery

    Finding one of the top rehab centers, such as ours, for your addiction recovery can make all the difference in your journey. Visiting a cookie-cutter facility with a rotating door of counselors, no aftercare program, and a lackluster facility can leave you feeling unresolved and can lead to relapse. This is why the top rehab centers offer the best chances for long term recovery, as they make sure your individual path leads to success rather than putting you on a path with everybody else that may not work for you.

    About Seasons in Malibu

    The Seasons in Malibu luxury rehab center provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol non-12-step rehab treatment program for men and women. Our systemic approach works with each individual to assess underlying causes, and to develop a plan for treatment and aftercare. We believe that specific training to prevent relapse is key to successful long-term recovery.

    All our clients receive weekly training in relapse prevention, using a cognitive-behavioral strategy to combat addiction. By detecting and preventing compulsive and high-risk behavior, we reduce and avoid the chance of relapse. Our clients learn to recognize these patterns and, through a commitment to the training, find new ways of coping with challenging situations that may have triggered destructive behaviors in the past.

    We have been at the forefront of cutting-edge addiction recovery, attracting the finest professionals in all areas of addiction medicine and treatment. The medical, psychiatric, and psychotherapy staff members at Seasons In Malibu are among the best in their fields—many of whom have been called upon to provide their expert opinions and insights by the national media and academic publications.

    At Seasons In Malibu, life after treatment does not mean the healing stops. Our team of addiction treatment experts will do the aftercare planning for you so you do not have to worry when the time comes that you have to leave the facility. We will even provide follow-up therapy sessions so you will never feel alone as you continue on your journey to a sober and fulfilling life.

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