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The Alcohol Rehab Process

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  • The Alcohol Rehab Process

    A woman asking about the alcohol rehab process

    Becoming sober is not something that happens overnight, especially for people with long-term addictions. The recovery process can be complex and involves a lot of time spent in therapy working on personal issues. Alcohol rehab is a place where people can begin the difficult process of recovery in an environment where they are safe from the possibility of relapse.

    The most important thing to understand about alcohol recovery is that it needs to take place in a qualified treatment facility. Attempting to quit on your own is dangerous and will most likely lead to relapse if you don’t have the type of medical and psychological support available in a rehab center. If you want to quit drinking it is crucial to do it the right way and give yourself a chance to really work on the underlying problems that led to your addiction in the first place.

    In rehab, patients go through all the necessary steps in order to learn how to live sober and improve their behavior. Alcoholism is an issue that can stay with you for the rest of your life so putting in the time and effort to manage sobriety is crucial for people in recovery. The rehab process allows patients the chance to work through lifelong problems that have been holding them back so that they can live a happier and healthier life. Call 424.235.2009 for more about our alcohol rehab center.

    The Alcohol Addiction Treatment Process


    The first step when entering a rehab program is to go through intake and be evaluated by specialists. During intake, the person with an alcohol problem can find out if a particular rehab center is right for them and offers the type of treatment options that they need. Everyone has their own unique issues that they are facing and finding a treatment center that suits their needs can make it easier for them to be successful.

    Those involved with the intake want to make sure that you will be able to get the kind of care that you need through the program. You might be evaluated for mental health issues, and assessed for the severity of your addiction. The best rehab centers in the U.S. will usually have you undergo some diagnostic tests or screenings so they will know how to tailor your treatment plan or whether to refer you to another facility that can accommodate you best.


    Before you enter a rehab program, most facilities require that you go through some type of detox treatment first. Some might include their own detox clinic as part of the complete rehab treatment and others may refer you to a different facility to finish detox before you return for inpatient care. Detox is a crucial first step in recovery because it allows each patient to rid themselves of the chemical dependency that is a large part of their addiction.

    At the most detox will only take a week or so as patients go through various stages of withdrawal symptoms. Once their symptoms completely subside they have finished their detox treatment and can move on to the next phase of recovery. After detox, they can move into their inpatient treatment center for alcohol rehab.

    Inpatient Rehab Programs

    The most significant part of the rehab process is living in a residential treatment center for a period of a few months or so. This is the time when you focus on the psychological dependence that you have on alcohol so that you can become successfully sober. This involves lots of regular therapy sessions and activities designed to help patients cope with emotions, stress, and cravings.

    During rehab, each patient will have a very strict schedule filled with activities so that they don’t have too much downtime that could lead to triggers and cravings. Having a regular routine can be very helpful in recovery and give people a sense of purpose that can take their minds off of drinking. Most of the day will be spent in therapy sessions, both individual and group therapy as well as regular meals and fun activities.

    Ongoing Care After Treatment

    A very crucial element of the rehab process that many people don’t consider is the use of aftercare to ensure relapse prevention. Continuing to attend a program after completing rehab can be helpful in allowing the patient time to fully adjust to what it is like to live sober. Being thrown back into their normal life after rehab can be jarring so having an aftercare program available can make the transition much more smooth.

    Get the Help You Need Today From Seasons in Malibu

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