Teens are Concerned about Their Mental Health

Mental health is a concern for teens

Young people are experiencing issues with mental health at high rates with about 1 in 5 teens living with a mental health condition. It is important for teens to have an awareness of mental health issues and be able to talk about them or get help. More teens are getting involved in identifying their own mental health issues and working to dispel the stigma of mental illness.

Unfortunately, less than half of the number of teens dealing with mental health problems are getting the kind of support they need to recover. If teens are able to open up the conversation about mental illness and make it okay to talk about then it may lead to more people getting help. Avoiding discussion of mental illness only leads to more negative perceptions about it which increases the stigma.

Dealing with Mental Health Issues

Teens who feel concerned about their mental health need to educate themselves and others about symptoms that may be associated with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other common issues. Building awareness means knowing how to identify a mental illness and understanding how to take steps to get help. When you are familiar with the symptoms of a mental illness you will be better able to identify an issue in yourself or in your loved ones.

Mental health issues are treatable problems and teens need to understand that these are conditions that require professional help. Even though they might feel embarrassed or ashamed of what they are going through they will feel much better about themselves and life in general when they get treatment. Getting help for teens can save their lives and make it easier for them to transition into adulthood.

Mental health awareness for teens can be critical since they are still young and can recover from illnesses without it damaging their future.