Symptoms and Signs of Pill Addiction

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Prescription medications can be helpful tools when used in the short term for specific issues. After surgery or significant injury, over-the-counter medications aren’t strong enough to ease the pain and make an individual feel comfortable while in recovery. In addition, anxiety medications can help individuals live more normal, happy lives without anxiety symptoms. However, these medications are highly addictive and should be taken with an abundance of caution, supervision, and care. Keep reading to learn more about the signs and symptoms of pill addiction, as well as how pill addiction is treated.

Physical Symptoms and Signs of Pill Addiction

Pill addiction can cause many changes to an individual’s body, face, skin, and more. If you or someone you love notices the following physical symptoms of pill addiction, be sure to seek help immediately before their health worsens.

  • Eyes. When addicted to prescription pills, especially while intoxicated, changes happen to the eyes. They become bloodshot in the whites of the eye, and the pupils become dilated or constricted. This is usually the first thing to look for if you are suspicious of a loved one, as it cannot be hidden or explained away very well.
  • Weight changes. If you notice a sudden change in your loved one’s weight, whether they have suddenly gained too much or have lost a lot, it should be a cause for concern. Prescription pill addiction can cause malnourishment and unhealthy weight gain.
  • Change in sleep patterns. Sleeping too much or sleeping too little are also red flags for pill addiction. People suffering from addiction tend to stay up very late or for days at a time, then sleep for extended periods of time during a crash.
  • Hygiene issues. During pill addiction, getting the next high is the main focus. This means many other things go on the back burner, including hygiene. Pay attention if your loved one has been looking unkempt or has an unusual body odor.

Behavioral Symptoms and Signs of Pill Addiction

Many people can hide their physical symptoms of pill addiction quite well to deter their loved ones and keep their addiction a secret. As such, it is essential to know the behavioral and emotional symptoms and signs of pill addiction since these are more difficult to keep under control during active addiction.

  • Mood swings. It’s normal to feel irritable occasionally, but it should be seen as a warning sign when it is an everyday occurrence or even a default mood. Other mood issues to note are increased aggression, frequently starting arguments or volatile situations, or worsening depression or anxiety.
  • Lethargy and lack of motivation. Changes in priorities or hobbies in favor of isolation are common with pill addiction. Issues with work, school, and other responsibilities tend to arise, and individuals can become very lethargic.
  • Drastic personality changes. If your loved one is suddenly involved in criminal activity, posting worrisome messages on social media, has run into financial issues, or has a new group of friends that you have never met or heard of before, they should be a cause for concern.

Treatment for Pill Addiction

If you are ready to get treatment for a pill addiction or are looking to help a loved one, we can help with individualized treatment. Every addiction experience is different, making the need for specialized care of utmost importance.

Seasons in Malibu offers:

  • Up to 65 one-on-one therapy sessions per month
  • A multi-dimensional, evidence-based approach to treatment
  • Licensed for both substance abuse & mental health
  • High-end, highly intensive, licensed professionals program
  • 30-person treatment team focused on your recovery
  • Innovative and cutting-edge holistic treatment modalities
  • PPO insurance accepted (no Medicare or Medicaid)

You can expect:

  • Medication-assisted detox. We employ experts in the field of addiction who offer around-the-clock medical assistance while you detox from prescription pills. You will be comfortable, safe, and taking the best first step possible in your journey.
  • World-class treatment. The medical, psychiatric, and psychotherapy staff members at Seasons In Malibu are among the best in their fields—many of whom have been called upon to provide their expert opinions and insights by the national media and academic publications.
  • Resort-style accommodations. Private rooms with balconies, heated pool and spa, gourmet chef meals prepared daily, laundry service, and sweeping ocean views are just a few luxuries you can enjoy while you are in treatment.
  • Comprehensive aftercare plan. We don’t stop treatment with you once you complete your stay. We will develop a comprehensive aftercare plan which involves you, your family, and all your needs.

About Seasons in Malibu

If you recognize the signs and symptoms of pill addiction in yourself or a loved one, we can help. We believe firmly in understanding your underlying issues and figuring out what’s motivating you to use drugs. To accomplish that goal, we offer more individual therapy sessions in 30 days than any other drug rehabilitation or alcohol rehab center in the country.

You will have a 12-person treatment team compromised of Ph.D. and masters-level therapists. They will create a customized and individually tailored treatment program just for you. We take an incredible amount of pride in having what we believe is the highest success rate in the industry of 85%.

We work to give each and every client the most advanced opportunity for success. Our approach towards healing is collaborative, comprehensive, and committed.