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Starting the New Year in Treatment

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  • Starting the New Year in Treatment

    New Year Celebration

    The new year is a time when people make resolutions so that they can try to change old habits to improve their health or reach certain goals. If you have been wanting to quit drinking or give up another addiction then you might be considering rehab treatment in the upcoming new year. Although quitting drinking an addiction is a serious decision and a major resolution, it is a great decision to make for your health and well-being.

    Starting the new year in treatment is actually a great time for a number of different reasons. For one thing, the decadence and indulgence of the holidays is already behind you. The holidays are full of temptations at parties and celebrations that are hard to avoid. People often go overboard during the holidays and realize that they need to make a change in the new year.

    Quitting an addiction during the holidays can be extremely difficult, so waiting until they are over can make it easier to be successful in your efforts to be sober. When the new year comes people are already in the mindset to try to make permanent changes and are more motivated to focus on their health. There are no more social events for a while so you can stay committed to your goals without worrying about too many triggers around in the beginning.

    One of the great things about entering a treatment center in the new year is that you will be with other people who have the same common goal and resolution for their own life. The people that you meet in treatment want to make important changes in the new year and you can rely on each other for support and strength. You might even have friends or family members that are making the same resolution and can join you in your efforts to be sober.

    A Clean Start to the Year

    There are many psychological benefits to getting addiction treatment when the year is just beginning. You will be starting fresh with a year free from any bad memories or mistakes that result from an addiction. You can think of the year as a new starting point and the reference for when you began your recovery.

    It can be easier to keep track of how many weeks or months you have been sober when you start in the new year. You can find it more satisfying to look back on how much progress you make and how much time has passed since the beginning of the year. The prior year will seem like another lifetime and a different version of you because of the many changes you make.

    If you are dealing with addiction in the spring or summer and need help then there is no need to wait for the new year to get treatment. However if you are beginning to think about getting treatment during the holidays then it is a good idea to wait until they are over and take the new year as an opportunity to make a positive change. Treatment can be one of the greatest new year’s resolutions you have ever made.

    The Process of Change

    Even though the new year is an easier time to quit an addiction, it does not mean that treatment won’t be challenging. Making any kind of permanent change is difficult and that is why many people have trouble sticking to their new year’s resolutions. However in a rehab program you will have much more support and help than most people have with their resolutions.

    Changing your habits of addiction will involve a lot of commitment and focus so you must make sure that you are mentally prepared for your recovery plan. Going into treatment means putting in a lot of hard work to make sure you are on the right path toward sobriety. In the new year you might be in a more motivated state of mind and ready to put in the time and effort necessary to work on improving yourself.

    In a treatment program you will learn how to deal with the triggers that cause you to want to abuse drugs or alcohol. You will also talk with a therapist about some of the emotional and psychological reasons that you became addicted. Improving your mental health is a major part of treatment and is a great way to make a lot of important changes that will help you stay sober.

    Making new year resolutions is a good way for people to start thinking about self-improvement and going into treatment in the new year can give you the chance to have a healthier and happier life. If you are thinking about going into treatment in the upcoming year then contact a rehab facility and set your enrollment date for January 1st.