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Detox In Treatment: The Role In Success

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  • Detox In Treatment: The Role In Success

    The Role of Detox In Treatment Success

    One of the most important components of a successful drug or alcohol rehabilitation program is the initial detoxification process. It is the first step in any type of recovery program, and it is often the most physically and mentally difficult for clients.

    At Seasons in Malibu, we offer a fully medically supervised Malibu detox program for all our clients. This is a very complicated process for the body as well as for brain chemistry, so there can be significant reactions or symptoms experienced by the individual. The types of withdrawal systems and the severity of the symptoms is related to several factors including the duration of addiction, types of substances in the body, as well as overall health issues.

    The Possible Symptoms

    Each person coming to our Malibu detox program can experience different symptoms or effects of withdrawal. Most people will feel irritable, agitated and have some of the symptoms of having the flu. It is also not uncommon for some patients to have relatively mild symptoms, especially if they have not used for a period of time before attending or if they have a limited history of drug or alcohol abuse.

    Other patients may experience significant symptoms including headaches, nausea and hallucinations. Our medical staff is able to provide prescription medications that can help to alleviate these symptoms and are regulated to be taken as prescribed. They will also ensure you are hydrated and have the right levels of nutrients so your body can flush out the chemicals and toxins and begin to function normally again.

    Your Mental State

    In addition to simply removing the toxins from the body, a detox is essential to allow the neurochemistry of the brain to begin to balance. The use of drugs and alcohol can significantly change the brain chemistry. This is especially true with the neurotransmitters, which limit the ability to do the necessary therapeutic work.

    Once the brain chemistry is no longer impacted by the changes produced by the use of alcohol and drugs, the cravings and the urges to use slowly subside. At this point, we will then address the other triggers to use and help you to learn new and effective coping strategies. We will also help you to learn more about the root causes of your addiction.

    At this point, you can focus on you. This allows our expert and recognized addiction specialists to provide the therapy and group processes to develop the tools and techniques you can use to lead a drug and alcohol-free life. The starting point is entering treatment, but it is well worth the process as recovery is the stepping stone to leading a happy and healthy life.