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Relationship Problems: Common Habits that Can Cause it

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  • Relationship Problems: Common Habits that Can Cause it

    Long-term relationships can suffer from communication problems over time and many people don’t even realize that their behavior is creating more conflict and Relationship Problems. There are certain habits and warning signs that can point to a problematic relationship that may not be able to survive if those actions continue. Improving communication and changing certain habits may help repair broken relationships over time.

    Withdrawing Instead of Communicating leading to Relationship Problems

    Resolving issues with your partner can only occur with good communication and some people have a habit of withdrawing from others when they are upset. They might try to punish their partner by avoiding talking to them which makes them hold onto their anger even more. Withdrawal is a defensive tactic that can lead to long term problems because it weakens the ability for each person to resolve their feelings through communication.

    Attacking the Person Instead of their Behavior

    When one partner is upset with the other they may resort to attacking the person’s character or personality rather than focusing on specific behaviors that bother them. They imply that something is wrong with their partner which can hurt their self-esteem and cause them to react defensively. This can lead to distance as each partner may begin to feel bad in the other’s presence.

    Expecting Your Partner to Know What You are Feeling

    This can be one of the most common issues that people have in relationships. They want their partner to essentially “read their mind” and anticipate their needs, feeling that they shouldn’t have to explain what is going on. You can’t always assume that your partner knows what you are feeling and it is important to tell them what is going through your mind so that they aren’t in the dark.

    Breaking these habits can improve communication and help each partner learn to respect and trust each other in the relationship.

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