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Addiction Recovery Isn’t Always a Comeback Story

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  • Addiction Recovery Isn’t Always a Comeback Story

    Addiction Recovery Isn’t Always a Comeback Story

    People often think of rehab and addiction recovery as a quick fix that will turn your life around. Even though there are some cases where people are able to make a successful and sudden “comeback” from a drug habit, many experience recovery very differently. They could have ups and downs for many years and continue to fight to be sober even after completing rehab.

    It is important to remember that addiction recovery is a unique journey for everyone that enters rehab. While some people may use it as an opportunity to make a total transformation, others need to make changes more gradually if they are dealing with some very severe symptoms. There is no “right” way to recover as everyone is coping with their own issues that can impact their relationship to substance abuse.

    There is a large percentage of people that are able to stay sober for several months or even years before unexpectedly relapsing again. This kind of recovery story is, unfortunately, a reality for a lot of people who enter rehab. However, it doesn’t mean they have failed in their recovery; they simply need to start over again and go back into treatment.

    It is amazing and inspiring to hear “comeback” stories of people changing their addiction habits and experiencing immediate success. These stories are helpful to hear but it doesn’t represent every person’s recovery path. Recovery isn’t always a direct road to sobriety and total transformation as it can often take time and a lot of trial and error before you feel comfortable with your new lifestyle.

    Making the decision to quit substance abuse is never easy and it can be filled with many frustrations. Ultimately though, anyone can recover from an addiction as long as they are committed and continue in spite of any setbacks.

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